Legendary publisher and “Hustler” founder Larry Flynt dies

Legendary publisher and “Hustler” founder Larry Flynt dies

Dhe legendary American porn mogul Larry Flynt is dead.  The  founder of the magazine “Hustler” died on Wednesday at the age of 78 in Los Angeles, like the newspaper “Washington Post” and the TV station NBC, citing his brother Jimmy and his daughter  The resa reported. According to the celebrity website “TMZ”, he died of complications from heart failure.

 The  publisher was controversial throughout his life: He and his magazines were repeatedly accused of repugnant and obscene behavior. Flynt was also a highly contentious advocate of the right to freedom of expression. He was tried countless times and briefly ended up in prison. He was sentenced to a quarter of a century behind bars in 1977 for spreading pornography, but an appeals court overturned the sentence.

Flynt grew up in poor conditions in rural Kentucky and Indiana. As a teenager, he first joined the military before founding his first hustler strip club at the age of 22. In 1974, he spiced up a small advertising leaflet with news about his growing business for the first “Hustler” issue.

Assassination attempt by right-wing extremists

From glossy men’s magazines such as “Playboy” and “Penthouse”, the paper set itself apart with grub far below the belt and made headlines again and again. Around 1975, when Flynt posted nude photos of former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis taken by paparazzi. He later created a business empire with dozens of magazines, internet porn sites, clubs, and a casino.

In 1978, Flynt was gunned down by a right-wing extremist after posting pictures of a couple of different skin colors. He had been paralyzed from the waist down since the attack, and on special occasions Flynt drove up in a gold-plated wheelchair.  The  shooter was a fanatic who admitted the shots later when he was already in jail for other crimes.

In recent years, Flynt had repeatedly acted as a fighter against the conservative establishment. In 2017 he placed a full-page ad in the Washington Post offering ten million dollars in prize money for compromising information about the then American President Donald Trump. With the information he wanted to push for an impeachment of Trump. He had tried something similar with former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Oscar winner Milos Forman (“One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, “Amadeus”) paid tribute to Flynt’s controversial balancing act between pornography and freedom of expression with the film “Larry Flynt –  The  Naked Truth”. At the 1997 Berlinale, it was awarded the Golden Bear.  The  real Flynt liked the filming of his life and also its leading actor Woody Harrelson. He was honored, said Flynt, after all, the life of a man who was still alive was rarely filmed.

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