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Legault invites his deputies to “ ;refocus »

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François Legault invited the CAQ to “refocus” its message on Wednesday, as the caucus officially opened his party to Sherbrooke.

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Education, health, economy, environment, identity: Prime Minister François Legault opened the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) caucus by calling on his troops to “return” to the priorities of the party he founded in 2011, Wednesday morning, in Sherbrooke.

Obviously, we are going to wish each other a happy political new year, with – how should I say that? – fewer distractions than in 2023, he told the deputies and ministers present.

To ensure that the coming year takes place under better auspices than last year, we will have to return to the five priorities of the CAQ , underlined Mr. Legault. In 2024, and in particular in the session which is beginning, we really want to refocus, to be able to concentrate on these five priorities, he insisted.

Mr. Legault notably took advantage of his speech to highlight some of the achievements of his government in 2023, such as improving the working conditions of public sector employees, the development of the “battery sector” and the launch of rapid and paid training in construction.

Where we still have work to do is housing, he nevertheless admitted, subsequently inviting journalists to leave the room so that CAQ elected officials can get to work.

The CAQ caucus will meet behind closed doors until Thursday. The event is expected to end with a press conference scheduled for 12:30 p.m.

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Suspended since Saturday, December 9, when the bill 15 on the creation of Santé Québec was adopted under gag order, parliamentary work will resume next Tuesday.

Liberal and Solidarity deputies are also meeting in caucus this week with a view to their return to the National Assembly, while their PQ counterparts met in Alma last week.

The year 2023 was difficult for François Legault's troops, who experienced a sharp decline in the polls to the benefit of the Parti Québécois. CAQ deputies told Radio-Canada that they had difficult discussions with their fellow citizens during the holidays, dissatisfied with certain government decisions.

More details will follow.

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