Legault encourages Ottawa to impose a quarantine on the hotel

Legault encourages Ottawa to impose a quarantine on the hotel

Failing to ban international flights, Ottawa should impose a mandatory quarantine at the hotel at the expense of travelers arriving from abroad, argues Prime Minister François Legault.

Even if he maintains his demand for the federal government to ban international travel that is not essential, Mr. Legault believes that the imposition of a mandatory quarantine of 14 days like the one already in force in New Zealand would be a good one. Alternative solution.

According to him, Canada already had its lesson last March after the spring break, and everything must be done to protect ourselves from the new variants of the coronavirus. England is currently facing “the worst of the worst”, underlined Mr. Legault.

Despite encouraging signs in terms of the number of cases and hospitalizations, the Quebec premier reiterates that there is “still a long way to go” with the pandemic.

“The curfew is working,” said Mr. Legault. He warns, however, that we should not expect that we can “reopen everything” in the coming weeks, especially in Montreal and Laval.

Without changing his position, the Prime Minister returned Thursday to his remarks made at the beginning of the week, on the difficulties experienced by homeless people in the current context, with the curfew.

He took the opportunity to convey his condolences to the family of “Mr. André” as well as to the entire Innu community.

“It’s not normal in a rich society like ours for someone to die in a chemical toilet. It appeals to all of us, ”he said.

Mr. Legault, however, considers it “unfortunate” that some seek to “divide” Quebec society on the issue of homelessness.

“The police do not have fun giving tickets to homeless people for nothing,” said the Prime Minister, reiterating his confidence in the police.

Mr. Legault also announced that the administration of the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine has been completed in all CHSLDs in Quebec.


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