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Legault calls on cities not to overtax

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François Legault speaks at the Salon rouge of the Assembly national of Quebec on December 13, 2023.

The Canadian Press

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Prime Minister François Legault has ordered mayors on Wednesday to reduce their spending before using the new taxing powers it recently granted them.

The adoption of Bill 39 on municipal taxation not only gives cities the power to add a tax on registration to finance public transportation, but also the freedom to set one. the amount.

Several have accused the Legault government of appropriating an old idea of ​​a united Quebec that it had repeatedly rejected and of x27;increasing the tax burden on Quebecers on the sly.

On Wednesday, Mr. Legault defended himself against blaming the new taxes on mayors. I want to be very clear: it is not because we have the right to tax more that we must tax more, he said.

I have the power tomorrow morning to increase the QST, but there is no question of increasing the QST. You don't just have to have power; we must also be able to look at what citizens are capable of taking.

A quote from François Legault, Prime Minister

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Quebecers are overtaxed […] so before increasing taxes […] we must first look at what we can do to reduce our expenses, he said to fall.

The Prime Minister made this warning on the occasion of the signing of a new fiscal pact with the municipalities. The event was held in the chic Salon rouge of the National Assembly.

The Declaration of Reciprocity that was signed is a long-term agreement, which will not have to be continually renegotiated.

It provides municipalities with funding for some of their key issues, particularly in terms of homelessness, housing and housing. ;adaptation to climate change.

Later, in a press scrum, Mr. Legault returned to the subject of taxes. What the mayors asked us to do was to have flexibility, because their income comes mainly from property taxes.

However, mayors could choose to have less of this tax and more of another, and target certain taxpayers more than others for reasons of fairness, according to him.

The message I am sending them is that Quebecers are already overtaxed, so be careful, and before thinking about seeking additional revenue, look to reduce your expenses, insisted the Prime Minister.

“Each time, we study each means,” responded the mayor of Quebec, Bruno Marchand, in an interview. We never took the gas tax in Quebec. It’s a choice we made.

Every time we have a power, a possibility, our goal is to say: Is this “Is it the right one, is it the right time, is this the right way,” he added.

Under the new law on municipal taxation, in addition to taxing registration, mayors will be able to impose a tax on vacant or underutilized housing in order to respond to the housing crisis.

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