“Leave him alone”: this joke on Pierre Palmade which put Vincent Lagaf’ out of him

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“Leave him alone”: this joke about Pierre Palmade who put Vincent Lagaf’ out of him

For several weeks, Pierre Palmade has been at the heart of all subjects. The actor has indeed caused a serious car accident last February, causing several victims. That day, Michèle Laroque's sidekick was driving under the influence of cocaine. Later, at his home, investigators found large quantities of drugs. Since then, Pierre Palmade has been the subject of three investigations. He was also charged with manslaughter. Currently, the comedian who recently suffered a stroke is still hospitalized pending trial.

Recently, the Pierre Palmade affair was again mentioned on the set of Quelle Époque!. That evening, Laure Calamry was invited to talk about the release of the film Good Conduct. During the show, comedian Paul de Saint-Sernin, who is still sitting in the audience, did not hesitate to make a rather daring joke about the affair Pierre Palmade. He told the actress: “Laure Calamy, If I tell you ‘driver’ and ‘car accident’, do you think about your film with the Palmashow or about the fact that at the moment, for Palmade, it’s hot? ”. If Paul de Saint-Sernin's joke made a lot of people laugh, a guest that day decided to come to the actor's defense.

Vincent Lagaf' supports to Pierre Palmade

Faced with the comedian's joke, the very upset presenter of the Just Price, indeed declared: Leave him alone&# 8230; “. Vincent Lagaf’ and the actor were revealed on the show La Classe. They have worked together several times in the past. Vincent Lagaf' then continued: “There is nothing to say. Just let justice do it and don’t overdo it.” Faced with the reaction of his guest, Christophe Dechavanne clarified that what Pierre Palmade did was 'dramatic', but that it was indeed necessary 'to leave him alone '. This case has not finished talking.