Learned the whereabouts of Kim Jong UN

The South Korean press became aware of the location of the head of the neighboring state. Kim Jong-UN since April 11, located in Wonsan, where on may 1, he opened a new factory.

Стало известно местонахождение Ким Чен Ына

Recently in the world press began to vigorously discuss the demise of the North Korean leader. Within three weeks, Kim Jong-UN has not appeared in public and was not even present at the feast in honor of his father. Many reputable publications have suggested that the leader of North Korea died because of the disease, but their prediction was not confirmed. It turns out that all this time Kim Jong UN was in Wonsan, where he went 11 of April. And may 1, the head of North Korea were present at the opening ceremony of the new plant in the city. Officials stated that Kim Jong-UN will not disappear, but was busy with public Affairs.

Some journalists noticed that the health status of the head of the DPRK worsened. Previously, he appeared in public with a cane, and now on his arm noticed strange tracks. Experts are almost sure in the deterioration of health of Kim Jong-UN, so he needed emergency surgery. Some journalists have suggested that the head of North Korea just waited out the peak of the pandemic in his residence, not to get sick. How things really are, nobody knows.

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