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Learn something new quickly and efficiently with these tips

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun5,2024

Learn something new quickly and efficiently with these tips

These tips will help you master new knowledge/freepik

In today's world, where information changes at lightning speed, it is important to learn to absorb new knowledge quickly and efficiently. We offer you five proven life hacks that will help you with this.

They were shared in the Telegram channel “Start Something!”. Keep them for yourself and use them to master new knowledge!

1. Practice speed reading

The more information you can process, the more chances you have to learn something new. Speed ​​reading is a skill that will help you significantly reduce the time it takes to absorb material. This is especially useful for visual learners who better perceive information through text.

2. Teach Others

If you imagine that you need to explain the material you are learning to someone else, it can greatly speed up your learning. This method allows your brain to better structure and remember information than when taking tests normally.

3. Take notes with a pen on paper

Ditch the laptop and try the old-fashioned way – take notes with a pen on paper. Research shows that people who write down information by hand absorb it significantly better than those who type on a keyboard. This is because written notes require more participation and concentration.

 Learn something new quickly and efficiently with these tips.

It is important to take notes by hand/Freepik photo

4. Take breaks

Researchers from the University of Louisiana recommend spending 30 to 50 minutes studying new material. Shorter time intervals may not be enough to fully immerse yourself in the topic, while more than 50 minutes may lead to burnout. Breaks help refresh the brain, increasing learning efficiency. It's also important to treat mistakes as useful information, not failures.

5. Find a Mentor

Mentoring is one of the most effective ways to take your skills to the next level. A mentor can share invaluable perspectives and experiences that will greatly accelerate your learning. By talking to someone who has already achieved success in your field, you will receive valuable advice and support.

Master these life hacks and you will see how quickly and effectively you can learn new things. Remember that learning is not only about the amount of learned information, but also about its quality and application in practice.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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