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Leadership of Justin Trudeau: Ken McDonald withdraws

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Liberal Ken McDonald has represented the riding of Avalon, Newfoundland, since 2015. (File photo)

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Less than one day after sharing his fears about his leader's leadership, Liberal MP for Avalon (Newfoundland and Labrador), Ken McDonald, clarified his thoughts.

In a statement shared in English with the media, the MP states that the intention behind [his] recent comments was not to personally request a leadership review and that he is not requesting [a leadership review] at this time.

As I said, I think the Prime Minister is a smart politician, a good candidate, and I know he always has the best interests of Canadians at heart.

A quote from Ken McDonald, Liberal MP for Avalon

I will continue to support my caucus colleagues and the Prime Minister as I have done since 2015, says the MP in conclusion.

In an interview with Radio-Canada, Ken McDonald recognized Justin Trudeau's considerable contribution to his party's electoral victory in 2015, but called for a review of leadership, since he believes that the Prime Minister now has no no longer the popularity and trust that was once given to him.

Following the release of this press release, Ken McDonald's office no longer ;did not wish to answer Radio-Canada's questions.

Wednesday, in Ottawa, members of the Liberal Party of Canada met to prepare for the session Works. Some were able to take the opportunity to share their reaction to Ken McDonald's statements.

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Mr. McDonald will have to face his colleagues.

A quote from Steven MacKinnon, Leader of the Government in the House of Commons

For Mona Fortier, MP for Ottawa-Vanier, there is no reason to contest Justin Trudeau's leadership.

For me, at this moment, it's up to the boss to decide whether he wants to continue or not, it's not my decision. I have a boss, I'm going to work with him, I'm going to roll up my sleeves.

For the MP for the Northwest Territories, Michael V. McLoed, the reality should be a little more nuanced.

Should there be a leadership review? Maybe we should have a discussion about this, a review after each election.

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