Layoffs continued at the Ministry of Defense after a high-profile procurement scandal

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Layoffs continue in the Ministry of Defense after a high-profile procurement scandal

After the procurement scandal in the Ministry of Defense and the dismissal of Deputy Minister of Defense Shapovalov, the director of the procurement department of the Khmelnytsky Ministry of Defense was also dismissed.

The head of the anti-corruption committee of the Verkhovna Rada, Anastasia Radina, said on Facebook that she and colleagues from the anti-corruption committee heard the minister of defense on the purchase of food for the military.


Radina highlighted several subtotals:

1. According to the minister, at present, the food for the military is carried out under contracts last year.

2. According to the people's deputy, the document published by the journalists corresponds to an annex to one of the new contracts of the Ministry of Defense that have not yet entered into force. The Ministry of Defense reported that they found errors in this and other contracts and are undergoing price checks and examinations to correct them.

3. The minister has no legal claims against the author of the journalistic investigation. At the same time, the director of the Procurement Department of the Ministry of Defense of Khmelnytsky and the relevant Deputy Minister Shapovalova were fired.

4. Prices in contracts that have not yet entered into force and are under examination – different from different suppliers, however, some prices really differ from the market ones, not for the better. The Ministry explains this by the components for food services, in particular, transport services and “allowance” on inflation.

"Does this mean that the issue is settled? No. An attempt by the Ministry of Defense to amend contracts before funds are paid for them – positive. We will check the results. However, this is not enough. It's time to change the way you shop. The state should not spend time and money on price examination after the conclusion of transactions (and after a public scandal or indeed the discovery of an error). And the purchase of goods is possible and necessary to build in such a way that prices still approach market prices, and do not grow due to additional services and who knows what else,” the message says.

The next step, according to Radzina, should become a reform of the procurement system of clothing for the army. For example, refusing to purchase lots that combine 400 goods and services for their delivery and not only will promote competition and help reduce the price.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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