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Lawyer Jean-Marc Fradette appears here t before the Disciplinary Council of the Bar of Quebec

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Lawyer Jean-Marc Fradette.

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Criminal lawyer Jean-Marc Fradette appears Wednesday before the Disciplinary Council of the Quebec Bar, in relation to alleged false statements made during the trial of Yvan Truchon in October 2021.

Yvan Truchon was found guilty, in 2022, of having solicited the sexual services of a minor, when he was instead dealing with an undercover agent from the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) . His arrest took place in a hotel in Saguenay. The guilty verdict is under appeal.

The disciplinary council hearing takes place at the OTL hotel in Saguenay and is chaired by Julie Charbonneau.

In the complaint, filed on February 10 2023, criminal lawyer Fradette is accused of having made erroneous remarks about the interrogation of Yvan Truchon conducted by an SQ investigator.

During the interview given to Planète Radio in October 2021, Jean-Marc Fradette publicly declared that the investigator, during the questioning of his client Y. T., said: "it's so serious what you are accused of that you should normally think about committing suicide and that we say it five or six times […]", while the respondent knew or should have known that this statement was false and/or inaccurate, it is written in the complaint.

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According to the trustee of the Bar, Jean-Marc Fradette would have thus violated articles 4 and 19 of the Code of ethics of lawyers.

As of the opening of the hearing, the respondent entered a plea of ​​not guilty.

The complainant does not plan to call witnesses and instead presents documentary evidence.

The Bar lawyer first wanted to demonstrate that Mr. Fradette erred by relying on stenographic notes of the interrogation.

The documents indicate that investigator Éric Gauthier actually questioned Yvan Truchon about his mental state, asking him if he was suicidal.

If I see you in the obituary section of the newspaper, I missed something. I did not do my job, it is written in the notes presented to the disciplinary council.

After the conclusion of the proof of lawyer for the trustee, Jean-Marc Fradette was questioned by his lawyer.

Éric Le Bel emphasized his client's extensive professional experience, his reputation as a lawyer and speaker and his status as a specialist in driving records with the impaired.

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Éric Le Bel represents his colleague and associate, Jean-Marc Fradette.

For nearly an hour, Mr. Fradette recounted the highlights of his career.

I am accused of being a liar in this matter, declared Jean-Marc Fradette, his throat tight with emotion, just after having mentioned that he would be the next recipient of the prestigious Antonio-Lamer Prize for his entire career.

He remains convinced that his remarks made on the radio were misinterpreted.

We put words in my mouth by putting quotation marks in the text. I never said that the policeman said it like that. I would never think that a police officer would have encouraged someone to commit suicide. I'm not a cellar! […] I repeat, I would never have claimed that Éric Gauthier suggested that my client commit suicide, declared Me Fradette.

He nevertheless believes that investigator Gauthier desperately tried to obtain a statement from Yvan Truchon, who exercised his right to remain silent throughout the several-hour interrogation.

He calls him a killer, he compares him to Guy Turcotte and Guy Cloutier! […], exclaimed Jean-Marc Fradette, vehemently criticizing the techniques used by the police officer and the fact that his client was never informed of the fact that he could leave the premises.

Although he was worried about Yvan Truchon's mental health by asking him several times if he was suicidal, the police officer never contacted Info-Social, as is often the procedure. This is what Me Fradette raised.

He believes that an unfair stratagem was used to make Yvan Truchon come to believe that the situation was so serious that it ended up encouraging him to commit suicide. For Jean-Marc Fradette, this is psychological pressure and harassment on the part of the investigating police officer.

Excerpts from the video of the interrogation conducted by the police officer were broadcast in the courtroom. Both parties submitted them as evidence.

If he is found guilty by the disciplinary council of the Bar of Quebec, Jean-Marc Fradette could be fined with a penalty ranging from a simple reprimand to temporary disbarment.

The Disciplinary Council hearing continues this afternoon.

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