Lawyer challenging curfew finds proceedings too slow

Lawyer challenging curfew finds proceedings too slow

The Gatineau lawyer who challenges the curfew imposed by the Legault government wrote Thursday to the Attorney General of Quebec to tell him that he considered the procedures too slow in this case.

“I am very disappointed that the file is not moving faster. It seems to me that the government has all the resources it needs to act swiftly and that it should collaborate quickly, ”indicated Mr.e William Desrochers by email to the QMI Agency.

Me Desrochers sent his appeal for judicial review on Sunday, claiming that the curfew is an “unreasonable” and “unjustifiable” attack on the freedom of citizens.

“Not only is this a case calling into question the fundamental right to liberty of all Quebecers but, in addition, it is a case in which a late hearing would render the remedy ineffective”, can we read in his new missive.


Me William Desrochers contacted the court on Monday by email to request a management conference to be held as soon as possible in order to send a notice of presentation. The interim coordinating judge for the district of Gatineau, Dominic Goulet, contacted Me Desrochers by phone.

“He was not inclined to follow my suggestion. He then asked me to send a presentation notice to [procureur général du Québec] for the next practice session, ”said the Gatineau lawyer.

This next session is scheduled for 1er February. However, Judge Goulet said he was prepared for a management conference to be held quickly before that date, that is, as soon as the Attorney General of Quebec designates a lawyer for the case.

Otherwise, Me William Desrochers considers appealing to article 342 of the Code of Civil Procedure so that the court can sanction the significant breaches noted in the course of the proceedings by ordering that compensation be paid to him for the time and work devoted to the case. .

The Office of the Attorney General of Quebec, Minister of Justice Simon Jolin-Barrette, declined to comment on the matter, given the ongoing legal proceedings.

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