Law enforcement officers in the world are voicing that Putin can be raised in 2014

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Law enforcement officials in the world are slandering the fact that Putin could be uplifted in 2014 rotation

< em>Illustrative photo taken by the judge dzherelput

The international human rights organization Human Rights Watch said that Russian military villains in Ukraine become a violation of a number of norms of international humanitarian law, according to CNN.

The guarded star of the right-wing group, in which the standards of the rights of people in mayzha 100 lands are seen, there are those who proved the evils of Viysk in Bucha, the frontier of Kiev, part of the model, as “repeated indefinitely times” p>Zokrema, HRW has a bombardment of the theater in Mariupol, disregarding the signs that warn about those children hiding there, and also strike at other neviysk goals.

for example, repeated strikes on the energy infrastructure structures, as if Ukrainians lie near secure electricity, water and heat, it is a central part of the Kremlin’s strategy, — go to the stars.

I wanting to praise the reaction of the European lands for accepting Ukrainian refugees, it also seems that «arrange the blame for commiseration over them, which was a bula b situation, yakbi Putin to vіdpovіdalnosti richly earlier – in 2014, roci, at the cob of vine at the gatherings of Ukraine; in 2015 roci for malice in Syria; but for the escalation of repressions of human rights in Russia for the rest of the decade».

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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