Latin America was the region with the most murders of journalists in 2022

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The countries with the highest numbers were Mexico and Haiti, to which Ukraine was added, within the framework of the war

Latin America was the region with the most murders of journalists in 2022

Latin America was the region with the most murders of journalists in 2022

The latest report from the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) stated that Latin America was the region in which more murders of press workers were recorded in 2022.

The document stated that at least 67 media workers were murdered in the last year, this being the highest number since 2018. This was also a 50% increase from the previous year, demonstrating “an abrupt decline in press freedom,” said CPJ president Jodie Ginsberg.

Mexico led the Latin American region, with 13murders, second only to Ukraine, where 15 reporters were killed. Mexico, meanwhile, is followed by Haiti, with seven deaths.

Latin America was the region where they were registered more murders of journalists in 2022

In Latin America, 30 of the 67 deaths were registered (Joel Alonso)

Thus, there are 30 journalists from Latin America who died violently during 2022, constituting almost half of the 67 released by the world report.

“Covering politics, crime and Corruption can be as deadly or more deadly than covering up a full-scale war”, Ginsberg added when learning this fact about the region that almost matches the innocent victims of the war in Ukraine.

In Haiti, of these -at least- seven deaths, at least At least five died at the hands of the gangs that have taken over Port-au-Prince with their violence, while the other two were killed by the police.

< p class="paragraph">In this sense, the journalist Mackenson Remy, who works for Radio Caraibes and covers news on the street, told the news agency < i>APYou don't know who you can trust anymore. “Reporting in Haiti is extremely difficult for journalists, specifically in the capital,” he said, adding that “corruption is everywhere, you can't trust anyone anymore” .

Latin America was the region with the most murders of journalists in 2022

Reporting in Haiti is extremely difficult due to the violence and impunity of the gangs (AP)

In turn, Remy compared the situation of journalists who work on the streets of the city, where each territory is owned by a different gang, as seen in the movie “The Truman Show”, which dates from 1998, and in which the protagonist feels watched all the time.

Along with Haiti, the cases of Mexico and Ukraine stand out. In the first, 13 press workers were murdered, according to what the Committee was able to verify. Of these, three were murdered after threats “because of their coverage of crime and politics” and, regarding the rest, the causes are still being investigated, although they may never be confirmed. meet “in a country characterized by violence and impunity”.

Other organizations assure that the figure rises to 15 so, if true, 2022 would have been the deadliest year for Mexican journalists in the last three decades.

The report explains that Mexico has laws and institutions that in theory protect journalists but these “have proven to be ineffective in keeping professionals safe and sound,” as occurred with < b>María Guadalupe Lourdes Maldonado, who was shot to death in her vehicle in Tijuana, despite being under a protection mechanism in Baja California.

Latin America was the region with the most murders of journalists in 2022

Mexico, at the head of the region, is a country characterized by violence and impunity (AP)

Meanwhile, in Ukraine, there were 15journalists murdered last year, a figure that is understood in the context of the war conflict that began almost a year ago, on February 24, and has claimed the lives of thousands of innocent people.< /p>

Brazil, Chile and Colombia are other countries mentioned in the report as proven cases of intentional killings of journalists. The case of the Colombian Rafael Emiro Moreno Garavito is one of the most highlighted in the document, since he died in a restaurant after having denounced drug trafficking and political corruption in his independent newspaper Voces de Córdoba.

Latin America was the region where the most murders were recorded. s murders of journalists in 2022

Ukraine was the only country to surpass those in the region because of the war (AP)

Of the total of 67 journalists killed, CPJ was able to confirm that 41 of them< b> died “in direct connection with their work” while the remaining 26 are still under investigation to determine the reasons.

Another important fact is that most of the victims worked for local media that cover news from their own communities, which suggests that they have a greater defenselessness in their case. The Philippines is another example of this, where four local radio journalists were found dead.

To this threat to the profession is added the actions of the rulers on the freedom of press. “Governments (around the world) continue to jail record numbers of journalists and fail to address the spiral of violence and the culture of impunity,”, the CPJ president concluded.

(With information from EFE and AP)

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