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Laser weapons and the latest tanks: Europe intends to spend billions on the weapons of the future

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May21,2024

Laser weapons and the latest tanks: Europe intends to spend billions on weapons of the future

Among promising projects, in particular, — the creation of the MARTE main battle tank and the development of the 100-kilowatt TALOS-TWO laser weapon.

The European Defense Fund (EDF) intends to invest $1.3 billion in 50 multinational military research projects. Funds will be invested in the development of new main battle tanks, aircraft carriers, corvettes, anti-unmanned aerial vehicle systems (C-UAS) and directed energy laser weapons. This is  reported by  columnists of Breaking Defense.

Funding for the programs is based on the results of the 2023 call for proposals and increases total EU defense research and development spending to more than $3.25 billion from May 2021.

Key areas of investment

The European Commission emphasized that the selected projects are aimed at maintaining technological superiority in a wide range of defense capabilities, including cyber defense, ground, air and sea combat operations, defense of space assets, as well as chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense. Out of 236 submitted applications, 54 proposals were selected.


The European System for Outsized Cargo Airlift (ESOCA) project has been allocated just under 21.7 million dollars for 18 months. This project, led by the German company Airbus, explores the possibilities of new strategic airlifts with the participation of the French engine manufacturer Safran and the Italian aircraft manufacturer Leonardo.

Ground combat systems

Two major land-based projects, Main Armored Tank of Europe (MARTE) and Technologies for existing and Future MBTs (FMBTech), will involve more than 70 industrial and research organizations to develop a new European main battle tank. The MARTE project, designed for two years, will receive almost 21.7 million dollars from the EU.

Counter UAVs

The European C-UAS project will receive up to $47 million to strengthen the potential of air and missile defense. This project, led by Leonardo, will be implemented over a period of 42 months and will focus on the development of technologies to defeat unmanned aerial vehicles.

Marine projects

As part of the second phase of the European Patrol Corvette 2 (EPC2) program two prototype ships will be created within four years. The project is aimed at integrating innovative solutions to increase the efficiency of ships and will be financed by the EU in the amount of 196 million dollars. The leader of the project is Naviris — a joint venture of the French Naval Group and the Italian Fincantieri.

Laser weapons

The Tactical Advanced Laser Optical Systems (TALOS-TWO) project aims to develop laser weapons with a power of 100 kilowatts by 2030. The project, led by the French company CILAS, will receive $32 million over three years.

Overall objectives

This investment coincides with the first Defense Industry Strategy launched by the EC, which aims to increase the competitiveness of the industrial base of Europe and ensuring its readiness to resist Russian aggression.

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