Large-scale cyclist demo in Munich for the mobility transition

September 11, 2021 by archyde

According to the organizers, around 25,000 people demonstrated on Saturday in Munich on the occasion of the International Motor Show (IAA) for a mobility revolution. With a bicycle rally and pedestrian demonstration, the participants called for a move away from the car-dominated transport policy and priority for pedestrian, bicycle and local traffic.

Politicians must “finally free themselves from the overwhelming embrace of the automotive industry in order to enable climate-friendly traffic for everyone,” demanded the alliance of ADFC, Attac, BUND, Campact, DUH, Greenpeace, Germany’s Friends of Nature and VCD, which called for the protests would have. “People want a different transport policy, consistent climate protection in transport and good alternatives to their own car.”

“Fat gas guzzlers and space eaters” are no longer in keeping with the times. “We want a policy that clearly prioritizes cycling, walking, buses and trains and takes climate protection in traffic seriously,” said the alliance. For the bicycle rally to Munich, groups started in Frankfurt am Main, Regensburg, Augsburg and Rosenheim, among others.

At the final rally on Munich’s Theresienwiese, the alliance called for the fair distribution of public space with priority for pedestrian and bicycle traffic, the massive expansion of buses and trains and climate-neutral traffic by 2035.

The police had used their largest contingent in advance. A police spokesman said in the morning that the maximum number of 4,500 colleagues would be reached. In the morning, dozens of police buses were parked on Theresienwiese, where the rallies are to end. Oktoberfest is usually held in the square.

The first cyclists set out on Saturday morning. They travel from Regensburg and Augsburg, among others, as a spokesman for the ADFC bicycle club said. In total, the rally should travel on 16 routes to Theresienwiese and arrive there around 3 p.m. The organizers of the rally expect a five-digit number of participants. You accuse the IAA and the car companies of doing too little for the climate and just wanting to “give themselves a clean coat of paint”. The police expect severe traffic obstructions before, during and after the rally.

In addition to the two large demonstrations, the police are also expecting further disruptions around the IAA. It is possible that there will be renewed attempts to overrun police barriers. Batons and pepper spray were used on Friday. A spokesman said that on Saturday too – if the situation required it – would react with coercive measures. “A police cordon does not have the character of a recommendation.” But he hoped that everything would remain peaceful.

According to the environmental protection campaign Robin Wood, there was a first action beyond the demo and bike rally in the morning. Pictures on Twitter showed activists hanging up a banner on Wittelsbacher Platz, where one of the IAA’s urban action areas is.

CDU boss Armin Laschet said on Saturday at the party congress of the sister party CSU in Nuremberg: “This is the greenest IAA that has ever existed.” Never before has there been so much talk of climate neutrality, sustainability and environmental protection. “The fact that people are still demonstrating, blocking roads and fighting this industry shows that some people are not interested in environmental protection, but rather in changing the system.” The critics of the IAA accuse it of only producing a green paint job for the automotive industry.

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Natasha Kumar

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