Characteristics of the laptop, for which don't overpay

Laptop features you shouldn't overpay for


Experts agree that the average service life of a laptop is approximately four years, while a desktop computer is five. But, of course, there are exceptions, if you use the equipment correctly. Still, most laptops lose some performance or become less reliable within four years. Usually, problems arise due to violations of operating rules and damage to internal components and parts, sometimes due to downloading new software.

Most breakdowns can be fixed, but if the decision to buy a new laptop is made, it is important to approach it responsibly. You should consider your needs and not buy the most expensive models with powerful processors and other functions that will not be useful even when visiting VIP casinos or other gambling sites. Many buyers often overpay for certain features, which will be discussed below.

Laptop features you shouldn't overpay for

Laptop features you shouldn't overpay for

High resolution display

If a person actively uses Photoshop or Illustrator, especially at a professional level, he needs a monitor with as many pixels as possible. For everyone else, it's a waste of money. Of course, you can't say that such monitors are pointless for computer games, because a certain power is important here, which will allow you to run entertainment effectively. Gamers should consider buying a device with a display:

  • – capable of 1080 or 1440 pixels;
  • – increased screen refresh rate (optimal – 120 or 144 Hz);
  • – support for a certain video game format.

Most laptop owners will say that 1080p is more than enough for a small screen. It is worth listening to this statement, because additional pixels simply do not make sense on a 13-15-inch monitor when the user is directly in front of it. In addition, a high resolution significantly shortens the battery life of the device and leads to faster battery failure.


The RAM indicator is another characteristic that people often overpay for. If the laptop does not perform complex professional tasks that bring a certain income, up to 8 GB of RAM is quite enough for the average owner of the device. Of course, visual effects artists, webmasters, game developers, and site designers should consider the 16 or 32 GB options. The features of the software required for work should be taken into account. Usually, professional software, in particular video editors, are quite heavy and take up a lot of memory space.


The CPU is exactly what marketers love to speculate on, and this especially regarding the number of cores. In fact, for the average user, the clock frequency is much more important than the number of cores. With all that, it is recommended to buy processors with at least two cores. And only then, either make a choice in favor of a larger number of the latter, or look for a device with a higher clock frequency. It depends on the purposes for which the laptop is planned to be used.

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