Lady Camones will preside over Congress at a key stage of political crisis

Lady Camones will preside over Congress at a key stage of political crisis

The APP legislator defeated Esdras Medina in the second round for the Board of Directors, who later resigned from Renovación Popular, a bench from which an attempt was made without success change the scenario of the vote.

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 Lady Camones will preside over Congress at a key stage of political crisis

Lady Camones (APP) will lead the Board of Directors of Congress with Martha Moyano (Popular Force), Digna Calle (Podemos Peru) and Wilmar Elera ( We are Peru). (Photo: Jorge Cerdán/GEC)

Although the projections on the election of the Board of Directors of the Congress showed a second round between Lady Camones and Esdras Medina In the hemicycle, even until the final count was advanced, there was insecurity regarding who would be elected as president of Congress for the period 2022-2023.

But in the end, Camones, from Alianza para el Progreso, achieved a difference of 21 votes over Medina. In this way, she was elected along with the formula that also includes Martha Moyano (Popular Force), Digna Calle (Podemos Peru) and Wilmar Elera (Somos Peru), in the first, second and third vice-presidency, respectively.

The prelude to this result was a fragmented opposition, without a broad consensus and with indecision. This was recognized by the spokesman for Avanza País, José Williams, who also asserted that there was a scenario of uncertainty.

In addition, there were doubts as to whether the situation of Bruno Pacheco, former secretary general of the presidency and former right-hand man of the president Pedro Castillo, was going to affect the vote in Parliament. It was not like that and finally Camones will lead Parliament in the midst of a constant political crisis and a government that sees its foundations shaken by alleged acts of corruption.


The first act of the long day consisted of the last message from María del Carmen Alva as head of the Board of Directors.

According to the latest El Comercio-Ipsos survey, his disapproval reached 72%, while his rejection of Parliament reached 79%, figures as negative as those of the Executive. Alva asked not to let the country's political agenda “be resolved from the political noise of social networks and a sector of the press.”

Among the achievements of her administration, the Popular Action legislator highlighted the election of members of the Central Reserve Bank, magistrates of the Constitutional Court and the beginning of the process to elect the new Ombudsman.

In the stands of the hemicycle, pro-popular supporters – among them former legislator Ricardo Burga – made partisan harangues.

Alva even joked with Enrique Wong, one of the members of the outgoing table: “All this year he has had to put up with three women or not I know if we had to put up with him.”

Finally, remembering phrases from former President Fernando Belaunde Terry, the parliamentarian broke down for a moment. Already after the election of Camones, she hugged her, gave her the post and returned to her seat.

Scrambled Renovation

After Alva's speech, the start of the first round voting took approximately half an hour, as a result of an objection presented by Jorge Montoya, spokesman for Renovación Popular, who argued that his colleague Esdras Medina did not have authorization from his caucus to be a candidate and He was in expulsion proceedings.

This led to a series of interventions. At one point Gladys Echaíz, the Renovation card for the table, was seen meeting on one side of the hemicycle with Norma Yarrow and Adriana Tudela, from Avanza País. Montoya then withdrew the request from him.

After the incident, Medina – who yesterday resigned from the bloc he was part of – was seen making notes and counting the votes, while Echaíz looked calm looking at the voting board.

More details

The vote was split into more of a caucus, one of which was Acción Popular. Edwin Martínez, Luis Aragón and Carlos Alva announced that they would not support the list that included their colleague Ilich López.

In Avanza País there was also a division, but in the second round legislators such as Alejandro Cavero, Norma Yarrow and Adriana Tudela were seen voting for Camones, despite the fact that in the first round they supported Echaíz.

Flor Pablo was the only one who voted blank in the first round, where two votes were annulled due to poorly marked ballot papers. In the second round, Pablo was joined by his colleague from the Purple Party Susel Paredes with another blank vote.

The representatives of APP and Fuerza Popular showed their votes, in a day in which this is secret. And the latter, 'selfies' included, showed greater excitement over the result.

The plenary session was attended by Camones's father, husband and younger brother, who followed the session from the stands.

At the end of the day, the Fujimorista block was the one that showed the most uproar over the result of the election. Today the new legislature is installed.

More information

In his speech, Camones He referred to Bruno Pacheco and pointed out that his management will fight against corruption “whoever falls”.

A few days ago, the Camones bloc promised to call a new election for the Board of Directors in the event of a constitutional succession in the country's presidency.

Hours after the election, Medina resigned from Renewal citing reasons of conscience.

Results of the day

List 1 Lady Camones (Alliance for Progress) 50
List 2 Héctor Acuña ( Democratic Change) 23
List 3 Esdras Medina ( Popular Renewal) 36
List 4 Gladys Echaíz ( Popular Renewal) 16
White 1
Null – flawed 2
Total 128
List 1< /td>

Lady Camones (Alliance for Progress) 73
List 3< /td>

Esdras Medina (Renovación Popular) 52
White< /td>

Flawed< /td>

Total 129

Results of the day