La Segura is the victim of attacks on social networks for showing off a false achievement in Times Square

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La caleña, who is in the eye of the hurricane for using her lawyers to collect a large sum of money for the use of her image without her consent , was the target of criticism again

La Segura is vi­ victim of attacks on social networks for showing off a false achievement in Times Square

La Segura is criticized on social networks for showing off a false achievement. Taken from Instagram @la_segura

A new scandal is the protagonist of Natalia Segura, better known as La Segura, after having made a claim through her lawyers against a young woman who used her image wearing one of her garments and after this, charge him a sum of 10 million pesos.

“Active pause to see @la_segura using our Adhara set in New York”, the woman wrote in a story that replicated the recording directly from the content creator's profile.

The most recent that is known about the content creator has to do with her most recent trip to New York in the company of her boyfriend. In Times Square there are several digital screens in which people pay for their image to appear there and to be able to take a picture for social networks, in which they presumably make themselves look like a recognized character in the place.

The same thing was done by the Colombian, who very excited published the postcard on her official Instagram account, in which she accumulates more than 8.6 million followers, and Internet users did not stop attacking her with the argument that this type of advertising is completely false.

“FAMILY WE ARE IN THE TIMES SQUARE OF NEW YORK. Only few know how much it has cost me to get here… Thank you, because this achievement is also yours”, wrote the influencer in the description of the post, which quickly generated all kinds of reactions among the “segureños” as their fans call themselves and launched all kinds of criticism.

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The woman from Cali shared that she is part of the advertising for Times Square and its detractors say that it is achieved by paying

And it is that Internet users repeatedly reminded the influencer that in order to appear on the huge screens that Times Square has, you do not need to be a celebrity, but simply pay a sum of dollars and thus see your image for a few seconds on the streets of one of the most important cities in the United States.

Comments like: “Now you will charge Times Square 20 million pesos for your image”< /b>; “Can I comment on something or do I have to pay first?”; “to sue Times Square for using her image” ; “how much pay? Proud of what, if that's a billboard”; “Baby, it costs $500 to put an ad there”, among others.

But not everything is critical of the Valle del Cauca native, since other of her followers They dedicated themselves to congratulating her on her achievements and asked her to disable comments, to avoid envious people who do not have enough money to appear on the screens of the Big Apple in New York.

The argument of the lawyers of La Segura to demand 10 million pesos

Apparently, the jurists point out that the woman from Cali is a woman who “unconditionally” supports entrepreneurs by consuming your products or services, but you do not agree with what happened in this case.

Reposting publications on the social networks of a business, in order to promoting products or services, without prior agreement with the influencer, is to make improper use of the image of La Segura, since it is directed for commercial or impact purposes […] Ella she is an influencer who unconditionally supports Colombian entrepreneurs and ventures, even acquiring the products as a consumer and paying for them; not from this, it is possible to deduce that it should allow illegitimate uses, even more so, against the efforts made by many of its clients to pay for the use of their image”, it is read in some sections of the communication issued by lawyers.