La Segura confessed for the first time about the fight with her former best friend: “Things were not as I thought”

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The influencer commented that Isabela León, who was also her representative, abandoned her at one of her worst moments and even managed to discover some irregularities in her work< /h2>

The Segura confessed for the first time about the fight with her former best friend: “Things were not as I thought”

Photo taken from Instagram @La_Segura

Several months ago, Natalia Segura Mena, better known on social media as La Segura, announced that she would no longer work alongside Isabela León, who was his female friend and also served as his manager for a long time.

The news aroused immediate reactions in the community of followers of the influencer, as some rumors pointed out this decision as the result of a serious conflict between the two women.

And although both parties decided to be hermetic on the subject, the young woman from Cali sparked controversy in recent hours when she spoke for the first time about the reasons that led her to move away from this person.

La Segura confessed for the first time about the fight with her former best friend: “Things were not like me I thought”

Photo: Instagram @la_segura

According to what was stated by La Segura in an interview with 'Dímelo King', Isabela León abandoned her in one of the most complex moments of her life, which was when she had a health relapse due to the biopolymers that were injected into her buttocks several years ago.

“She was like my sister, I thought (…) One of the hardest things that happened at that moment was realizing that things were not as I thought, she never showed me her face or he told me he was leaving. I had surgery, I didn't eat for whole days, I cried, yelled and everything (…) I realized that there were things that were not delivered to me from my own company and I found out about any number of other things, but I didn't It doesn't matter, everyone will receive what they give,” he asserted.

Despite the aforementioned, Natalia Segura mentioned that she does not hold a grudge against this person, since she has already forgiven her, and she is not going to make certain secrets of their relationship public. However, he decided that he would never speak to her again.

“I swear it was like a blind love (…) Perhaps I also made mistakes in friendship, but I can say that I was one of the most loyal people with her, I loved her and did not let anyone touch her or no one was on her account, I protected her

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In this way, the version that Alexandra Mena, La Segura's mother, delivered in recent months, who indicated through a live broadcast on social networks, when she stated that said relationship was only sustained by the “convenience” and the ambition that the young woman had for her daughter's money.

“I always respect the friendship between Natalia and Isabela, and just as there are things in which one does not go blind, there are also others for which one wonders: 'well, why is this?' Also, one begins to notice strange behaviors, but Natalia did not want one to say anything to her, because she not only gave this person the human part of her (…) What good is so much lambonería if it was nothing more than a friendship convenient? And I say it like that up front, a convenient friendship, never true, never existed! Or well, it existed for Natalia, but not for this person, “she asserted.

In the same way, the woman confessed that Natalia was always very dedicated and open with León in every way, but in the end she was not reciprocated in the same way, since she saw how when she got sick and was unable to fulfill her work obligations, her friend she would have chosen to “jump ship”.

In addition, Mena expressed that the influencer's big mistake was trusting this person, about whom she says “she only wanted to be there when she was traveling and money”, but not now that he got sick and had to completely withdraw from his work.

“His mistake was believing that the friendship was sincere and handing him the management of everything (… ) I think that the word 'friendship' and the meaning of 'I love you, I will be with you through thick and thin', are of a great moral responsibility and do not suit all people (… ) Natalia hasn't produced any money for five months. Why did she just move away at that moment?”, he concluded on that occasion n.