La Mojana peasants announce strike

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The inhabitants of this region of the Colombian Caribbean denounce abandonment by the national government, mainly due to the lack of aid due to the disasters caused by the winter season . The demonstrations would begin in the next few days

Farmers of La Mojana announce strike

Flood emergency in La Mojana continues to grow alarmingly

Farmers and representatives of the region of La Mojana, which includes the departments of Sucre, Bolívar and some areas of Córdoba, announced that they will go on strike, including all productive sectors such as ranchers and businessmen, according to what they say, due to the abandonment by the national government during this winter season, also unfulfilled promises, despite the fact that recently even the president was present, announcing the purchase of land, which was taken as the beginning of agrarian reform.

The demonstrations would begin next Wednesday, November 23, and as they declared, roads such as, for example, the Troncal del Caribe will be taken over, which is why major problems are expected for mobility in this area that communicates the region with the department of Antioquia.

“As a result of the National Government's non-compliance and the refusal to start the work to cover the cat face jet and the start of the execution of Conpes 4076, the region of La Mojana enters into a total, peaceful and indefinite strike on the Troncal del Caribbean (…) With this they have once again shown a lack of seriousness and delay on the part of the government in the face of the problems that the entire peasant and productive population of the region is experiencing today,” the protesters declared in a statement.

The foregoing refers to the so-called binding dialogues, which took place almost a month ago, and which, among other officials, was attended by President Gustavo Petro, a meeting that helps prepare the National Development Plan, and which announced a series of of strategies and aid for the already affected community and those who are at risk due to the inclement rains.

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The demonstrations are even being supported by local leaders, such as the mayor of La Mojana, who, in addition to joining the claim for abandonment, assures that they have not even been able to communicate with the attention authorities such as the National Risk Management Unit.

“During the presence of the director of the National Risk Management Unit, Javier Pava in the region, a plan for the delivery of humanitarian aid was agreed, but it was very minimal. In the case of my municipality in San Benito Abad there were 1,250 when there are 8,450 families affected by the winter wave for more than a year,” declared Manuel Cadrazo Salcedo, mayor of San Benito Abad.

For several days the mayors of the region have been asking for help and attention, since they do not have the resources or spaces to attend to the communities, which have been affected for several months, as they expressed on RCN Radio:

“La Mojana completed 15 months flooded, viral diseases have already begun to appear and aid is urgently requested by the victims (…) We come from a pandemic, from the breaking of cat face and now Hidroituango is finishing us off, which means that we disappear from this entire region. Here we can't take one more blow, we don't have a way to deal with this.”

The claim is for attention to be immediate, since the contingency has already occurred, and to make matters worse, it could continue to worsen, that is why, despite actually taking the paths, they are still willing to sit down to negotiate, and to be listened to what their needs are.

That is precisely what They stressed in the statement, pointing out that the meeting cannot continue to be delayed: “No more delays from meeting to meeting, we urgently need to cover up the cat's face and start executing conpes 4076.”