La Liendra recounted how her trip to Qatar is going: “I almost fought with a five-year-old girl”

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Content creator attends World Cup Qatar 2022; but first he traveled from Medellín to Bogotá to continue his journey

La Liendra recounted how her trip to Qatar is going: “I almost fought with a five-year-old girl”

La Liendra, Colombian influencer. Photo: Instagram @la_liendraa

Mauricio Gómez, first name of La Liendra , began his journey to the World Cup in Qatar 2022. However, His journey has some scales. To begin with, the content creator lives in Medellín and first had to travel to Bogotá, it was precisely during this flight that he had an experience that he did not like very much with a five-year-old girl.

What happened? Well, from his Intsagram Stories, the Quindiano recorded himself expressing the following: “We already arrived in Bogotá and I tell you… do you hear a girl over there crying? she is the girl and the baby that I have hated the most in my life ”. Later, he focused on explaining why he felt so stressed with the little girl's presence.

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“Because that girl was five years old or else I swear we had problems. She touched me next to a girl who hit her mom, behind that she told her: -Shut up, silly-; and I: -Parce, what stress, what is this?-; thank you my dear mother for having hit me and for giving me wood, for having taught me to respect you because I feel that nowadays children are hitting their mothers and they are allowing it”.

To conclude his InstaStories on this topic, the content creator continued by highlighting his feelings of displeasure with the situation. “I am from the generation that gave him wood so that he learned to respect the elderly. So we arrived in Bogotá and I already had my first fight with a five-year-old girl, if it wasn't because she's not my daughter I'd knock her out.” In turn, throughout the clip La Liendra wrote this sentence on the images: “I almost fought with a five-year-old girl”.

It goes without saying that Gómez has not had children, however, in the past he has expressed his desire to be a father in a few years.

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“I almost fought with a five-year-old girl”, La Liendra tells an anecdote during a flight

On the other hand, La Liendra has been very excited to be able to attend the Qatar 2022 World Cup, he even decided to uncover a piggy bank in which he had been saving for two years to be able to use said money on his trip. In addition, one of the things that motivates him the most about this sporting event is being able to see Cristiano Ronaldo (Portuguese soccer player), his idol, on the pitch.

It was so that in his Instagram Stories he shared a video about his trip and expressed: “The day has come, La Liendra who played on the dirt court in the neighborhood is going to the World Cup. Today is one of those mornings that will never be erased from my memory, thanks to God, to you and to the difficulties of life, which are what make me the person I am. I'm going to the World Cup in Qatar to represent my flag and the football festival, but unfortunately also to say goodbye to who for me is the best player in the world”.

According to the Colombian influencer, this will be the soccer star's last World Cup. Now, given that he is heading to Qatar, the Quindiano will very surely be sharing all kinds of content about it for his followers.