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La Levrette banned from advertising by the courts

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun26,2024

Soon the holidays, summer, the beach, the heat … Nothing like it to appreciate a little Doggy Style … and even better if it's between friends, right? We can see you're in a bad mood! Nothing sexual in this proposal. On the contrary, we are talking about the Levrette beer which has just been sanctioned by the courts due to numerous bawdy and lewd allusions.

La Levrette banned from advertising by the courts

Advertising for Levrette in violation of the Evin law

Indeed, beer lovers most certainly know this beer marketed under the name Levrette. This is the company Beer Market based in Mayenne which offers it. Presented on the company's website as a “positional lager“, Beer Market has multiplied its products. allusions deemed salacious by the Addictions France association. To ensure its communication, Beer Market did not hesitate to use sentences double meaning like “A little Doggystyle between friends” or “This is not an indecent proposition from the bartender“. Butfor the association which attacked; the company in court çit does not pass.

La Levrette banned from advertising by the courts

Like underlines Franck Lecas, the head of public affairs at Addictions France, this practice shows how “producers are working to circumvent the Evin law” and illustrates ” the importance of being vigilant against these attempts“.

As a reminder, the Evin law came into force in January 1991 and aims to fight against smoking and alcoholism. It is this text which imposed the ban on smoking in public transport places for example but above all, which drastically limits the act of advertising in public areas. for alcoholic drinks with the aim of protecting young people from marketing campaigns.

La Levrette sanctioned with 50,000 euros

On the company's website Mayennaise, we could also see, in addition to allusions to sexual character, rabbits who promoted it. For Addictions France, these characters, which are reminiscent of “popular characters from video games and cartoons for children” served “as the personifications of nature”. re” and “constituted a process illicit advertising“.

La Levrette banned from advertising by the courts

It would therefore seem that justice agrees with the association. For good reason, the Paris Court of Appeal rendered its judgment on May 15 and found that Beer Market was in violation of the Evin law. Thus, the court sentenced the company to a fine of 50,000 euros and ordered it to remove all the slogans used in its marketing campaigns. promotion of beer.

Note that La Levrette is not the only beer to be in the sights of the association It also continued. other brands like K&eac;kette and Prends-moi.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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