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La Flamme, Le Flambeau: Jonathan Cohen is working on a new project around Marc

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May27,2024

After La Flamme and Le Flambeau, Marc, the somewhat stupid airplane pilot played by by Jonathan Cohen, will return to; through a new program.

La Flamme, Le Flambeau: Jonathan Cohen is working on a new project around Marc

The success of the flame

In 2020, Jonathan Cohen decided to launch into the production of a parody of the Bachelor. With the help of Florent Bernard he began writing and directing La Flamme. Modeled on Burning Love, the American parody imagined by Ben Stiller, The Flametells the destiny of Marc, a totally stupid airline pilot who is looking for love. Taken by a crazy cast with Ana Girardot, Adèle Exarchopoulos, Leïla Bekhti, Pierre Niney, François Civil, Doria Tillier and even Florence Foresti, La Flamme, distributed by Canal+ met with a certain success.

La Flamme, Le Flambeau: Jonathan Cohen is working on a new project around Marc

Florent Bernard and Jonathan Cohen then decide to produce a sequel . In 2022, Marc is back in a new parody: Le Flambeau. This time, it’s the show Koh Lanta which is derivative, with, once again, a totally crazy casting: Jérôme Commandeur, Kad Merad, Laura Felpin, Mister V, Gérard Darmon and even Ramzy Bedia are all adventure.

Towards a return of Marc?

For the moment, no season 3 around Marc is yet planned. But Jonathan Cohendoes not seem ready to abandon this already existing role. worship. Indeed, the actor would be in the process of making a film around this wacky and offbeat character. During a meeting with Mediawan Studio and Paris Match, Jonathan Cohen confirmed that that a new project around Marc was in the works, without specifying its content. But apparently, the idea would be to develop a feature film entitled Marc, the film, and thus derive the character on the big screen. Recently, speaking to RTL, Jonathan Cohen confirmed that information available half-words:

Yes, we are obviously working on something where we will find part or at least a little of the troupe.

For the moment, we do not know what this new project will be about. Will it once again be a parody, or will Jonathan Cohen tell the story of the genesis of this character, his past, or even his future after his romantic adventures? ;? The future will tell!

Jonathan Cohen (@jocohenlebon) ré lays at; @pierreniney's question: “Are you going to bring back Dr. Jew and Marc?”

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