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La Crème's new appearance in season 4 of The Boys surprises fans

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun15,2024

A little earlier today, we revealed to you as the most terrifying Supe of The Boys, à namely Homelander, had officially landed on the island. on Reddit, in order to participate in; its very first question/answer session. But there is another character who has been talked about on the networks, and it is La Crème, whose new appearance in season 4 has sparked controversy. strong reactions from fans.

The new appearance of La Crème in season 4 of The Boys surprises fans< /p>


The appearance of La Crème in season 4 of The Boys surprises everyone

Çhere it is, after two After years of waiting, Prime Video subscribers can finally discover the sequel toThe Boys, with season 4 of the now cult superhero series. Available on Amazon's streaming platform since June 13, 2024, fans were then able to see the first three episodes of the new season, thus finding the formidable Supes, led by the terrifying Homelander, and the Butcher Boys who face them.

And who says new season, says new characters, notably with the arrival of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the star of The Walking Dead, in the role of Joe Kessler. The public was also able to discover new Supes who joined the Seven, with Sister Sage and Firecracker, respectively played by Susan Heyward and Valorie Curry. But if there is one character in particular who has been talked about since the launch of the fourth season, it is La Crème (or Mother's Milk in original version, nicknamed MM ).

Indeed, many fans have been surprised by the change in appearance of the member of the Boys played by by Laz Alonso, àgrav; so much so that many have come to the point of to think that the character had been recast and that it was a new actor. But it is nevertheless the same interpreter, Alonso having simply shaved his head. his beard and lost weight since the end of season 3. This is why we can see many messages at the end of season 3. this subject on X/Twitter, Internet users being more than surprised by the new appearance of the American actor.

in The Boys they changed the actor who plays the cream, right? in the end I have too much of the PCQ impression in my memories there was something with this actor but I don’t remember

June 14, 2024

wtf happened to my man MM? I had to google if he'd been recast, he looks exactly like Eddie Murphy!#TheBoys

June 14, 2024

< p>what happened? à my guy La Crème? I had to search on Google if it had been recast, it looks exactly like it did. Eddie Murphy

He lost crazy weight in the boys

June 13, 2024

Lol, don't me Googling why they are recasting MM in The Boys for Season 4… ud83e udd26ud83cudffe‍u2642ufe0fud83dude02

June 15, 2024

I didn't look for it. on Google why they recast The Cream for season 4 of The Boys…

Wesh la creme he lost crazy weight in the boys

June 13, 2024


June 14, 2024

La Crème surprised me without his beard

Wesh they killed the cream in the boys, pk he cut it. his wesh beard

June 14, 2024

who the fuck told MM to shave his beard off #theboys

June 13, 2024

who said &agrave ; Beard Shaving Cream

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