La casa de papel: why there won’t be season 6 on Netflix |  Money Heist |  Series |  FAME

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When Alex Pina conceived “The Money Heist“I only had one season in mind; above all, because the reception of the Spanish public was not as expected. However, everything changed when the first installment made Netflix divided into two parts. Almost immediately, the series became the most popular on the platform.

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Therefore, the streaming giant acquired the production rights and renewed the series for a second season, and continued on the same path as the story of the red monkey robbers became a worldwide phenomenon.

After announcing that the fifth season of “The Money Heist“It would be the last, it was revealed that it would be divided into two parts to keep viewers in suspense. That is why the first part was released on September 3, 2021 and the second part will arrive on December 3.

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This is how Úrsula Corberó said goodbye to her character in “La casa de papel” (Photo: Netflix)


Even though fans would be delighted with more episodes of “The Money Heist”, The creators must give a good ending to their story, since if they continue to lengthen it they run the risk of ruining everything.

“If you think about it with common sense, spending 2,000 minutes of fiction doing two robberies is enough. There are almost 20 films, I think we have greatly squeezed the personalities, the design and everything, ”Álex Pina previously told Vertele.

“It is good to close the stage of La casa de papel, which has been absolutely splendid and surprising, and we have to close it with a brutal season,” he added in this conversation with the Spanish media.

Pina believes that it is important that the story of The Professor and his band go in style. “This mechanic that the series ended up languishing has been changed. You have to feel proud to go in style. You have to do many other things, many other genres, and above all things that we do not know how to do, “he concluded.

“We always thought we had to stop when the show was in high demand, when it was still in its ‘golden age.’ It seemed that that was what we had to do with the series, “he added in an interview with Esquire.

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La casa de papel: why there won’t be season 6 on Netflix |  Money Heist |  Series |  FAME

The actors of “La casa de papel” enjoyed the recordings of the last chapters (Photo: Netflix)


However, he did not rule out the possibility that some characters star in one or more spin-offs. “We have a lot of possibilities for some spin-offs, yes, and I think that’s thanks to the strong and powerful identities of the characters,” Pina told Oprah Daily before the fourth installment of the Spanish series of Netflix.

“We have always looked for characters that had a very complex character, layered design. I think that almost all the characters in ‘La casa de papel’ have a duality that we would like to see in a spin-off. We could see any of them in other contexts, “he added.

Although he also admitted the last installment, it will be important to “determine if there really is an open door for a spin-off, or if we want to tell more about any of the characters.”

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La casa de papel: why there won’t be season 6 on Netflix |  Money Heist |  Series |  FAME

Will Tokyo be the star of the spin-off “La casa de papel”? (Photo: Netflix)


So far, Rafael only appears in a series of flashbacks with his father, Tatiana, Marsella and Bogotá. Berlin invites you to take a supposed father and son trip, but in reality, he wants you to be part of a very important robbery.

Although at first the young computer scientist refuses, he does not take long to agree to help in the exchange of some valuable Viking artifacts that are protected in a museum where Tatiana will soon give a concert.

The adrenaline of the robbery changes Rafael’s mind and he no longer seems so reluctant to follow in his father’s footsteps. So, he will probably help his uncle, Sergio Marquina or “The Professor”, to get a perfect escape at the end of season 5 of “The Money Heist”. Could you work hand in hand with Rio? If you want to read more CLICK HERE.

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