Kurt Volker gave a forecast of changes at the front

Kurt Volker gave a forecast of changes at the front

Kurt Volker predicted changes at the front

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US Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Kurt Volker said that before the end of the year, during a full-scale war with Russia, there will be changes in favor of Ukraine in the south – Kherson, Zaporozhye region and possibly – around Kharkov. However, the return of the entire territory of our country will probably take longer.

He expressed such an opinion in a conversation with European Truth.

Volker does not support the prevailing opinion that what Ukraine cannot recapture before winter will be more difficult to return later.

“Winter will indeed affect events at the front, but more it will affect Russian army. Russians are farther from their land, and it will be more difficult for their military to receive supplies of food, fuel, and weapons. In short, the Russians will have a difficult winter. This creates an opportunity for Ukraine already in the winter, and also means that the Russian army will be exhausted in the spring“, he noted.

Volker added that there will certainly be a pause in the winter. However, it will not be in favor of Russia.

The US Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary also shared his vision of the victory of Ukraine and all partners in the war with Russia.

"Russia must come to terms with that she would have to live within her own boundaries. As long as Russia insists on its right to attack its neighbors, no one can be satisfied with defeating it. Because it is a constant threat to the world. The moment when you can say: “Ukraine has won” must be determined by the Ukrainians themselves. But both I and my Ukrainian friends believe that for this Ukraine must return all of its territory“, Volker said.

He emphasized that we are talking about the territory of Ukraine, including Crimea.

"Five years ago, one could argue, they say, "Donbass is not needed by Russia, so it will give it away faster, and the return of Crimea will require more time". But the war shattered these considerations. Now it is too risky to leave even Crimea in the hands of Russia“, the ambassador summed up.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga