Kuleba told how Ukrainians will survive a difficult winter

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Kuleba told how Ukrainians will survive a difficult winter

Ukraine needs more air defense systems, and also deliveries of energy equipment so that people can survive the winter under the conditions of Russian terror, Dmitry Kuleba said in an interview with Deník.

According to him, massive Russian missile attacks on Ukraine's critical infrastructure are designed to terrorize the civilian population, therefore, international partners must ensure that the Ukrainians survive the winter.

"Thanks to the powerful energy support of the allies and the supply of air defense systems, the situation is gradually changing for the better. In this context, we need two important things. First – this is a powerful air shield over Ukraine that will resist Russian terror and reliably protect the Ukrainian sky and infrastructure,” Kuleba said. and urged international partners to continue strengthening Ukraine's air defenses to render Russian missile strikes completely ineffective.

"Second – more energy capacity and assistance in restoring the energy system of Ukraine. The life and health of peaceful Ukrainians, including children, depends on it”, – the minister added.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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