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DZ hS Kristen Stewart, Emma Corrin, Naomi Watts and other actresses who have played Lady Di - The Times Hub

Kristen Stewart, Emma Corrin, Naomi Watts and other actresses who have played Lady Di

Kristen Stewart, Emma Corrin, Naomi Watts and other actresses who have played Lady Di

Diana of England is a character that remains alive in the memory and that continues to be profitable for the film industry, which is clear from the proliferation of series and films that choose her as the protagonist. Since his tragic death in a car accident on August 31, 1997, many film, theater and television directors have decided to take part of their lives to the screen or the stage. A review of some of the actresses who have put themselves in the shoes of the well-known Princess of the people throughout all these years: PP Kristen Stewart. She was the last actress to play Diana of Wales. The choice of the protagonist of Twilight to take on this role has given much to talk about among the followers of both celebrities. However, Stewart and Princess Diana have more in common than many might believe . Spencer , as the new film by Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín is called and currently filming, moves away from the fairy tale that for many was the story of Diana Spencer and Carlos of England and focuses on a specific weekend of life of the young aristocrat. The one in which, in the early nineties, she decides that her marriage was not working and makes the decision to break with the path set, reject a future as Queen of England and choose to be herself

Naomi Watts. "Everyone loved Princess Diana and I am excited about the challenge of playing her on screen," said Naomi Watts when she decided to bring Lady Di to life for the film Diana (2013) , the film about the most unknown romance of the Princess. from Wales with Pakistani surgeon Hasnat Khan and his relationship to fame in the two years leading up to the deadly car accident in Paris in 1997. Yet just a year after the premiere of the most ambitious film biopic made to date about the princess that ended up being a failure of critics and public, Watts was regretful of his election . “Every time you take a risk you know you can fall. And if you have to sink with the team, then go ahead, "the two-time Oscar nominee admitted in an interview. And it is that far from a new nomination for the Academy Awards what Diana got for Watts, in addition to an incredible physical resemblance, was his nomination for the Razzie, the awards that are awarded annually to the worst cinematographic works of the year.

Emma Corrin. Her interpretation of Lady Di in The Crown has earned her her first Golden Globe , an award she received during the virtual gala held this Sunday night. “Many thanks especially to Diana, you have taught me compassion and empathy beyond any measure I can mention. On behalf of all those who remember you so wonderfully and passionately in our hearts, thank you ", said the British interpreter after winning the best actress in a drama series.

Corrin, whose role as Diana Spencer has opened the doors to the fame , she has admitted on several occasions the pressure that was imposed on her to embody what was "an icon" especially at such an important moment in her life, as the interpreter put herself in the shoes of Princess Diana to portray from her courtship with the heir to the crown and his role in the "wedding of the century", on July 29, 1981 , until the disappointments and betrayals on both sides that ended up leading to divorce.

Elizabeth Debicki. Australian actress Elizabeth Debicki took the witness of Emma Corrin in the hit Netflix series about the British crown and is in charge of embodying Diana of Wales, recalling her last years, showing her divorce, her disputes with the crown and her death in a Car accident in Paris, which will be 24 years old next August.

Jeanna de Waal. The mythomania for Diana of Wales has also come in the form of a musical. Titled Diana , and with actress Jeanna de Waal in the role of Lady Di , the play reviews the life of Diana Spencer and her journey as princess of the British royal house: the day she met Charles of England as a teenager, the divorce of the couple 16 years onwards between infidelity headlines and his death in 1997. At the beginning of 2019 it premiered in San Diego (California) and was so successful that its arrival on Broadway (New York) was prepared for 2020. The The coronavirus pandemic truncated these plans, but it is not ruled out that the work will resume for this spring in addition to seeing its premiere on Netflix.

Amy Seccombe. Actress Amy Seccombe led the cast of a film broadcast on British television in 1998 , a year after the death of Diana of Wales. The film focused on his last year of life and his controversial affair with Dodi Al-Fayed, played by actor George Jakos. Both recreated the last days of the couple in love who perished violently in the tunnel under the Pont du Alma, in Paris, on August 31, 1997.

Julie Cox. Jolie Cox played Diana of Wales in the 1996 film Princess in Love . A film that caused a stir because it talked about the princess's alleged relationship with polo player James Hewitt, a story Based on the biography of Anna Pastrnak

Serena Scott Thomas. Another more successful adaptation was Diana: Her True Story (1993), centered on the biography of the princess written by Andrew Morton and which included tapes of the real Lady Di, recounting the lowest points of her life as a member of British royalty. Serena Scott Thomas took on the role of princess and David Threlfall played Charles of England. A curious fact is that, almost ten years later, Scott Thomas would take on the role of Kate Middleton's mother, Carole, in another royalist telefilm, William & Kate (2011) .

Genevieve O'Reilly. On the tenth anniversary of her death, in 2007, the docudrama Diana: The Last Days of a Princess was released . This time it was Genevieve O'Reilly who brought the princess to life in the film that examined the last moments of her life, from her relationship with Dodi Fayed to her tragic death in 1997, incorporating images from real news and interviews.

Bonie Soper. In 2018, it was Bonnie Soper who played Diana in the movie Harry and Meghan: A Royal Romance . Soper had a small role as the film centered on the love story of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex,

Nicola Formby. English actress Nicola Formby played Lady Di in the telefilm The Women of Windsor (1992), which offers a dramatized look at the lives of two women who married members of the Windsor family: Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, played by Sallyanne Law.

Caroline Bliss. She was the first actress to step into the shoes of Princess Diana, in the television dramatization of her wedding to Prince Charles, which premiered 14 months after the marriage. Playing Lady Di alongside David Robb as Charles of England in The Royal Romance of Charles and Diana (1982), was the first role for Bliss, who was selected while still a theater student. Following this role, Caroline Bliss also participated in two other successful films in the Agent 007 saga, High Tension (1987) and License to Kill (1989) .

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