Kremlin dictator says Germany is occupied

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Kremlin dictator says Germany is occupied

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In Germany there are “occupation troops” United States of America and “there are a lot of them.”

This idea was expressed by the Kremlin elder at a meeting with students at Moscow State University.

“The largest country in Europe, the economic giant – is the Federal Republic of Germany. After the Second World War, Germany was divided, as you know, into four sectors: American, British, French and Soviet. So the Soviet Union formalized the termination of this occupation status. And the United States is not ",– said the chief rashist.

He said that “formally, legally, American occupation troops are located on the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany.”

Also, the chief pensioner of Russia said that supposedly the German politicians themselves are talking about that after the Second World War, Germany allegedly “never was in the full sense of the word a sovereign state.”

“And I'm not saying that. This is what eminent – I want to emphasize this, not Russian-oriented, but German-oriented – politics",– said the president of the aggressor country.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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