Krejčí confirmed that after leaving the NHL, he is tempted to end his career at the domestic World Cup

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Krejčia confirmed that after leaving the NHL, he is tempted to end his career at home m WC

Ice Hockey World Championship, Group B, Czech Republic – Austria, May 17, 2022, Tampere. Czech representative David Krejčí in the picture.

Prague – Hockey forward David Krejčí confirmed that after the end of his career in the NHL, he is considering starting to play again during the season and trying to win a nomination for the World Championship in Prague next May. Then the 2011 Stanley Cup winner with Boston would definitively end his playing career. Krejci said this in a conference call with selected journalists, published by

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He did not specify whether he will eventually play for his parent club Olomouc, for which he played the season before last, or for Pardubice, whose colors he defended during the NHL lockout in the 2012/13 season. He stated that he would like to play for a team with high ambitions that is at the top of the table.

“It's early, but of course it sometimes crosses my mind. If I decide to continue, the main reason would be to fight for a nomination for the championship in Prague. And that would definitely end my career, that's one hundred percent,” he said He tailors from his home in South Carolina. On Monday, the 37-year-old striker announced the end of his career in the NHL, which he connected exclusively with Boston.

Already at the end of June, the native of Šternberk talked about the fact that he will definitely not play from the beginning of the upcoming season and will probably decide around Christmas whether he will be involved in the game somewhere. He hasn't changed his plans.

“Of course, Olomouc is in the game, but I need to take it in the sense that I have to look at the table, how it looks there, who will play at the top. How will Olomouc do, or if I will decide for a team where I have worked in the past, if they are interested,” Krejčí said. He did not rule out that he would also play in another European league than in the Czech Republic. “As soon as I make a decision, let's say around Christmas, in December, my agent will have something to do. We'll see,” he said.

According to him, it would be ideal if the Hanáci stayed at the forefront of the Czech extra league. Then he wouldn't have to look for another team and head to a familiar environment. “Anyway, now I'm looking ahead. My goal, if I decide to play, will be the championship in Prague. And for that, it would be best to go as far as possible in the playoffs, if I'm going to stand for half a season before that. I'm such a player that when I come back, I want to win. I want to play in the playoffs for as long as possible, so we will make decisions based on that. If Olomouc is in the top 3, then there is no question about it,” Krejčí said with a smile.