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KOZAK SIROMAHA presented a new atmospheric track “Vatra”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun20,2024

KOZAK SIROMAHA presented a new atmospheric track "Vatra"


The real Cossack of Ukrainian show business continues to delight subscribers with new compositions. This time he presented the new track “Vatra”.

This time the performer KOZAK SIROMAHA became a member of the popular YouTube project MULTIPOTYAH. Watch the atmospheric clip made by the show team on YouTube.

KOZAK SIROMAHA is a Ukrainian artist who is part of the ENKO label. His real name is Olexandr Lyubbozhenko.

Cossack Syromakh was remembered from the 8th season of the Voice of the Country show. At the project, he performed the song “The Cossacks rose to the light” – all four coaches returned to him. Jamala collaborated with Oleksandr then. Although Kozak did not win in the vocal show, he was noticed by producer Ivan Klymenko.

Vatra has been one of the manifestations of the Gods since ancient times! Fire is one of the primary sources from which our planet began, the thing that gives warmth and life! Vatra is power and mysticism, communication with spirits and an ancient tradition of our ancestors! It all started with fire! The fire unites our people, it has united us since ancient times and until today, so we must sharpen our blades to defeat the enemy, so let's stand in a circle of brothers, let the fire burn, says the description of the track.

Video to the track “Vatra” was filmed in the famous city of Chigyrin. Other actors dressed in Cossack uniforms were invited for filming.

Natasha Kumar

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