Kolya Serga rozpoviv, like zatrimuva collaborators in Odessa

Kolya Serga rozpoviv, like zatrimuva collaborators in Odessa

Kolya Serga rose as a co-worker in Odessa

Spivak Kolya Serga rozpovіv, like zatrimuva collaborators, as well as about the work of our military guards. About this artist rose in an interview with Slava Dyomin.

– I'm in Odesa spivpratsyuvav with one organization, like to stand on the defense of Ukraine, and two of the co-workers of collaborators. For the first time, I was like a bait for a fisherman, and the people were successfully “covered”. Alas, I can’t tell this story in detail, – knowing Kolya.

The artist added that the other story is no less marvelous.

– Before me, a person came and propagated spivpratsyu. Having said that I have relatives in Russia, and the stench of the filthy, and having propagated to improve. I waited a while, taking the phone number from the new one, and asking the boys to re-verify the person. And our lads can keep up with the information, learn how to sleep well for whom it is necessary. It turned out that he was an FSB officer, – stating the interview.

Serge added that it was due to this fact that all the photographs, like they were in smartphones, are saved in the data bases.


– The lads knew the great lancer photo and information, even though the new bula had a legend. They took the stench of yoga, split it, and now I’m spivpracing with them, – the artist said.