Kolomoisky got a hotel, despite the war, the court helped him in this

Kolomoisky got a hotel, despite the war, the court helped him in this

Kolomoisky got a hotel, despite the war, the court helped him with this

During the war The Supreme Court allowed to take away the property of the state “PrivatBank” in favor of the former owners. On August 16, a corresponding court session was held on the Mir Hotel in the capital.

“During the war, the Supreme Court allowed the property of the state-owned Privatbank to be seized; in favor of the former owners. Yesterday, on August 16, a meeting was held on the case of attempts by the former owners to take away from Privatbank hotel «Mir» in Kyiv. Despite flagrant violations of the law by lower courts, the Cassation Economic Court as part of the Supreme Court completed the raider scheme of the former owners to deprive the state-owned Privatbank ownership rights to a multi-million dollar real estate object in Kyiv», — reported in the press service of the bank.

It is noted that “a daring and unfair decision” It was accepted by the court composed of the presiding judge Bulgakova AND.The., and judges Lvova B.Yew. and Selivanenko V.P.

“It is very unfortunate that even during the war, such decisions are now being made in the country and property is being removed from the property of state-owned companies. England. So the victory will be ours, — stressed a member of the Supervisory Board of PrivatBank Roman Sulzhik.

Ownership of the Kyiv hotel “Mir” moved to PrivatBank as a result of foreclosure on collateralized property in 2016 on the basis of a mortgage agreement concluded with Arden LLC. In 2019 LLC “AEF” initiated a lawsuit to deprive PrivatBank of its property and impeding the restoration of the legal status of “PrivatBank” as the owner of the Mir Hotel. After the decision of the lower instances in favor of the plaintiffs was overturned by the Supreme Court, in 2021 a similar lawsuit against PrivatBank initiated “LLC Artis”.

PrivatBank was nationalized in December 2016. The state capitalized it by UAH 155 billion. An investigation by the Kroll agency showed that PrivatBank was “the object of large-scale and coordinated fraudulent activities for at least ten years before nationalization, which led to a loss of at least $ 5.5 billion for the bank.”

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich