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“Kiss”: singer KOLA sang about unconditional love

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun29,2024


The popular Ukrainian singer KOLA, who conquers the hearts of listeners from the first notes of her songs, presented a new romantic composition “Kiss” on June 27. It not only fascinates with its melody, but also penetrates to the very heart with its meanings.

KOLA released a new romantic composition “Kiss” and a music video for it. The song is about the best aspects of unconditional love.

The composition conveys the sweetest emotions that arise in a person in love when he surrenders to the feeling with all his heart. A romantic melody, written in the singer's unique style, seems to envelop the listener with warmth, filling him from the inside with an invaluable feeling of coziness and the most sincere happiness.

My new song “Kiss” is a continuation of my story of love and romance, which I tell through music. It is very important when love is based on feelings, trust and peace of mind, which is felt next to a loved one. When you don't need any bright gestures to confirm your feelings, you understand and feel everything in kisses, – comments the artist.

The track “Kiss” is a true musical embodiment of love, which is revealed in the most delicate shades and flows through every chord. The lightness of the summer breeze and the airiness of the melody emphasize the purity and uniqueness of the feelings that sound in each note.

Network reaction:

  • “I want to kiss my lover. He has been in captivity for the third year, an Azov native, a defender of Mariupol”
  • “I would kiss a lover who defends our Ukraine”
  • “This is incredible, I would kiss all our defenders right now, thanks to whom we have life and people like you are able to create”
  • “After the concert, I became even more of you listen! How much vibe, positive energy and authenticity!”
  • “My beloved man who protects our Ukrainian people on the front lines”
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