King Charles III: Yakim buv way of Prince Charles to the throne

King Charles III: Yakim buv way of Prince Charles to the throne

King Charles III: How Prince Charles' Way to the Throne

< h4>King Charles III has two roles in the eyes of the magnanimous: a philanthropist and a womanizer. These officials played the key role in shaping the image of the new British monarch.

63 The fate of the Prince of Wales. І axis – at 73 rocky – Charles Philip Arthur George Mountbatten-Windsor, senior son of Queen Elizabeth II, died on 8 spring, descend to the throne under the name of King Charles III.

“Ceiy transition of good planning – just like the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, – by Robert Hazell, a political scientist at University College London. – Tim is richly indebted for an hour, in addition, as a colossus in response to the coronation of Charles, and as a support to him, he is given order”.

Charles's life in the royal homeland

Charles Charles III Mav enough time to call to the raised respect for his person. In 1970, he took a bachelor's degree in history from Trinity College in Cambridge. Then, having opened the military car’ru and the Crimean others, commanding the minesweeper HMS Bronington.

His friendship with the 20th Diana Spencer in 1981 called for a great resonance in ZMI. Princess Diana was exceedingly popular, but before her, she was constantly attached to the respect of the tabloid press. In 1996, Prince Charles separated from his retinue. Through the river, Diana perished in a car accident behind dramatic scenery.

It seems that when separated, Charles said to Diana: “You really think that I – First Prince of Wales, who doesn't have a kohanka?” At that hour, Camilla Parker-Bowles had long been a yoga kohanoi – 2005 the fate of the vins will find a friend to make friends with him.

In the eyes of the British community, Charles III has two sides: a woman and a philanthropist. In 1976, the Prince’s Trust charitable foundation fell asleep to help disadvantaged children and young people. In addition, I support initiatives in the gallery of art.

However, the greatest passion of the new king is the defense of the navkolishny middle ground, that struggle against the serpentine climate. Since 2007, I have been taking part in projects against the protection of tropical forests and including a number of low politicians, celebrities and business representatives to a campaign to promote important approaches against the destruction of tropical forests.

Being the king, the son of Elizabeth II, ymovіrno, to continue the same campaign for religious diversity and for a richly cultured, modern Great Britain. Adzhe vin announced in advance that I will become the coronation for the participation of rich religious directives.

Yak Charles tried to get in touch with the politician's order

Because King Charles III has no mother's instinct, experts are respected. The political and social supporters of the wines can rarely be overwhelmed. At the past, I didn’t take my glances.

The urgency of the decline of the British throne to preserve neutrality was especially clearly manifested in the scandal of the so-called memorandums & # 8220; Black spider & # 8221; – leaflets of the Prince of Wales, addressed to the then Prime Minister of Great Britain Tony Blair and members of his cabinet.

fresh meals: for example, about the order of known ribs, the zamovlennya of the military possession for the military in Iraq or the old borsukiv with the method of widening tuberculosis in the middle of thinness. The publication of these sheets caused the trial of the ship's tug.

Having become king, Charles III will have to control similar nahili, political scientist Robert Hazell appoints. “The monarch may be deprived of unguardedly neutral political nutrition, as the queen did (Elizabeth II. – Ed.). Charles III will have the opportunity to express his thoughts at a short audience with the Prime Minister. Ale vin can be deprived within the framework of their constitutional rights” , that they allow you to consult, ask and ask for help”. Otherwise, the order will guess you, “whom they swear about’the language of the head of state in the constitutional monarchy”, continues the expert.

Scandals, po’azani with Prince Charles< /strong>

In 2017, Prince Charles's roci іm’i was hoarsely’speak of the publicity of the so-called “Paradise papers” – documents, like revealing the details of the summative offshore investments of wealthy people, politicians, businessmen and celebrities.

At Prince Charles's point of view, ymovirno, it was about a company registered in Bermuda. According to journalistic investigations, in 2007 the fall of the British throne, having attacked the changes in climate policy, ale prihovav, scho vіn taking away the benefit of these changes through their offshore business. Prince Charles himself, having said that he can't go directly to an offshore rahunka.

Recently, new food was sent to the royal “scandals with cooking”. It is alleged that wealthy foreign hulks took the money in exchange for donations to the Charles Prince’s Foundation.