Kim Kardashian’s account of her birthday has become a Twitter meme. This is a must see!

On Twitter, the star was bombarded with responses to her post

Kim Kardashian celebrated her 40th birthday a week ago , and talk about her noisy birthday party still continues!

It has long been rumored in the media that Kim took her entire family to a private island in the middle of the ocean, where she celebrated her anniversary. Now she decided to show a couple of shots, telling how it was. But, something went wrong, and Twitter just “exploded” memes in response to Kim’s post.

Here is what Kim wrote: “After two weeks of repeated health checks and asking everyone to adhere to the quarantine rules, I surprised my loved ones with a trip to a private island where we could pretend that everything was fine, if only for a short time.”

And then it started: people left the text the same, but they came up with very funny pictures for it. Some people immediately remembered the series “Lost” about survivors of the plane crash on the island, as well as a lot of films and TV series, including “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Doctor Moreau Island”, “Rogue” with Tom Hanks and others.

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