Kim Kardashian showed her working office

Kim Kardashian showed her working office

Kim Kardash’yang showed off her office

The model showed off her headquarters -apartment of the new cosmetic brand SKKN by Kim.

Kim Kardash’yan gave a tour of her office, in which she works on her new cosmetic brand SKKN by Kim – a new line for keeping an eye on the skin. About Daily Mail.

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< p>Kim knew that a lot of people, Kanye West, helped me to do something about the name, package design (finish the minimalistic one) and type the font for SKKN.

Kim Kardash’yang showed her office

Kim Kardash’yan showed her office

Office Kim Kardash’yan that її neruchne armchair

З’it was clear that the TV personality worked on the Spartan minds. Especially її podpisnikov impressing the simple wooden stіlets, on which Kim it is obvious to spend more than a rich hour. There are no pillows and a back every day, which makes him look as unhandy as possible.

Ale Kim said that the office was designed by professionals, and she is already satisfied with the result.

“I love my office. I’ll embellish this Tommy and Waldo for yoga and work with Michelle, like Rick Owens, who has done everything. But only a small detail of my everyday office work”, – said Kim.

So she announced the whole program about her headquarters that those, like everything is in power for him.

Kim chose neutral tones for her entire office, like embellishments by Tommy Clements and Waldo Fernandez. Utіm, in the same style of furnishing and її a family house, like a way out from West – pure neutral colors, straight lines and a minimum of decor. In 2019, Roci Won revealed that Kanye herself “s Primary Creative Director of Skims” її to the brand of lower life.

Behind її words, I did not only paint the brand logo, but also helped with packaging, selection of models and hiring photographers.

Kim Kardash&rsquo ;yan showed her work office

Kim Kardash’yan at the SKKN by Kim advertising campaign

Photo: Instagram kimkardashian

It was important for her that the packaging was environmentally friendly, so the same packaging can be recycled, and new portions of cosmetics are released in special capsules, which can be put into old packaging.

Kim Kardash’yang showed off her office

Kim Kardash’yan showed her working office

Cosmetics Kim Kardash’yan SKKN by Kim

Photo: Instagram kimkardashian

The stench thought to make the packaging of stones, or else the jars and little buns looked very important. But the stinks played their role – they served the spirits.