Kim Kardashian bought a luxury villa from Malibu for $70 million

Kim Kardashian bought a luxury villa from Malibu for $70 million

Kim Kardash’yan bought a luxury villa from Malibu for $70 million

Purchasing and selling has become the largest in Malibu.

41-річна світська левиця, бізнесвумен і офіційна мільярдерка Кім Кардаш’ян стала володаркою маєтку з чотирма спальнями та шістьма ванними кімнатами за $70 мільйонів у Малібу, розташованого в престижному каліфорнійському анклаві, який раніше належав Сінді Кроуфорд і її чоловіку- to restaurateur Randy Gerber, write to the New York Post.

The best treat Malibu is the fourth largest in the US state of California in 2022.

Villa Malibu has an area of ​​over 690 square meters on 1.2 hectares of land. designed in such a way as to ensure easy movement between the inner and outer spaces.

the kitchen is closed with glassy rose doors from the door to the wall. It boasts a panoramic view of the ocean and a spacious veranda with a place for bagatti.

There is a fireplace, a recovery zone, two bathrooms, spa-style bathrooms, and a sump. In addition, there are two additional bedrooms with bathrooms, a home cinema, a bright and spacious gym with crypt-parts and a fourth bedroom with a green entrance, a kitchen and a bathroom.

A pool, a spa center are available for guests , a terrace with a swimming pool and an alcove with a fireplace.

Before the village’s headman, businessman Adam Weiss, who bought a towel from Crawford and Gerber for $45 million in 2018.

Kim bought a towel for a towel Since then, I put up for sale an apartment in Calabasas and a ranch in Hidden Hills (Los Angeles).