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Kim Jong Un has promised to launch more spy satellites

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May29,2024

Kim Jong Un promised to launch more spy satellites

The North Korean leader also threatened South Korea again.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un after the failed attempt to launch another spy satellite stated that the deployment of spy satellites is necessary to protect the sovereignty of North Korea. This was reported by Bloomberg.

During the speech, Kim said that the rocket launched on Monday, May 28, which was supposed to launch a spy satellite into orbit, failed due to engine failure.

“Owning a military intelligence satellite is a necessary condition and is of great importance to our country, to further strengthen deterrence and protect national sovereignty,” – Kim is quoted by North Korean state media.

Kim intends to launch three spy satellites in in 2024. They can help North Korea monitor the US military in the region and improve its ability to strike targets as the country modernizes its nuclear weapons arsenal.

After North Korea announced its intention to launch a satellite on Monday, South Korea staged a show of force by sending about 20 warplanes into the skies near its border with its neighbor.

Kim said South Korea was playing with fire and the move was not can be ignored. He also reiterated that the DPRK will do everything possible to strengthen military deterrence against the “American imperialists and their puppets” in Seoul.

It was North Korea's fourth attempt to launch a spy satellite since last year, three of which failed. The launch last November successfully put the satellite into orbit.

It remains to be seen whether there was any Russian influence on the development of the new engine, which began to be used after Russian dictator Vladimir Putin at a summit with Kim promised to help the DPRK with its space program. North Korea hands over weapons to Russia for the war against Ukraine in exchange for help from the Russian Federation in promoting the development of the North Korean army and economy. 

Natasha Kumar

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