Killed wife’s grandmother for jewelry;  School teacher arrested

September 12, 2021 by archyde

Malappuram: The grandson’s husband has been arrested in the murder case of Muttath Ayesha (78). Nishadali, a school teacher from Mambat, was arrested. Police said Nishadali, who is indebted to the tune of lakhs, had killed his wife’s grandmother with the intention of robbing her. The accused was nabbed by a special police team after a two – month investigation.

Nishadali, who arrived at Ayesha’s house on the morning of July 16, brutally murdered Ayesha. The murder was to steal the jewelery worn by Ayesha. When his wife informed him of Ayesha’s death, Nishadali acted as if she did not know anything. He also attended the funeral in a way that no one else suspected.

It is learned that Nishadali, who was active in money chain transactions, is indebted across the country. Nishadali admitted that she had stolen Rs 80,000 and CCTVs from Mambat High School. It is suspected that the accused was involved in several other robbery cases. The accused was arrested after collecting hundreds of CCTV footage and interrogating several people.

English Summary: School teacher arrested for killing old woman in Malappuram

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