Kidd Keo: “We live in a regime of censorship, today El Fary would be banned for singing 'La mandanga'”

Kidd Keo: “We live in a regime of censorship, today El Fary would be banned for singing 'La mandanga'”

The 'ragpicker' from Alicante aspires to become the Messiah of generation Z. “I know who I am, I have a Maserati, but I'm going to lock myself in that image,” he says

Kidd Keo:

Probably 90% of Spaniards under 25 years old know Kidd Keo very well and 90% of those over 40 will think that it is the name of a chocolate bar. Born in Alicante in 95, this trap singer is a symbol not only of the new winds that aerate the national culture but also of an insurmountable generational break. Their codes of speech, their way of dressing and their values are those of a new world that is already here.

«Five years ago there was an artistic void, Spain needed something fresh , there was no new flavor and the trap emerged. But all that has already died, C. Tangana has had to become softer to survive. Those of my crop no longer get wet, do you know why? Because this is a country where everything offends , where it is better to look good to everyone. We believe that we have freedom of expression but we live in a censorship regime, today El Fary would be banned for singing La mandanga », says the artist in a conversation through the Zoom application, sitting in a cafeteria in his neighborhood in Alicante.

Spain needed something fresh and the trap arose, but all this has already died

He speaks with an enviable freshness despite the fact that, as he admits, he spent the night before recording a video clip in a trap house (a meeting space to generate ideas with friends). ” There was a drug deck and everything you want , but today I got up to talk to you here,” he clarifies.

With his new album, Back to Rockport , he aspires that the kids forget the outside world and spend hours immersed in the Kidd Keo universe, something that does not seem so far-fetched in these times of forced quarantines due to the pandemic.

“I have built a world of my own where all the things I like are: street car racing, music and parties, ” he says. As he describes it, it looks like a stoned version of the Fast & Furious action saga of actor Vin Diesel mixed with the battles between animated avatars from the Fortnite video game.

The pose of going ragged all the time is like having her small and having to mark muscle

This idea of creating a refuge from reality has accompanied him from the beginning of his career in works such as Keoland (2018) and Welcome to Gotham (2016). Only now he wants to translate it into reality. «I am building an industrial warehouse to recreate this universe. Outside there it will still be Spain but inside you will be in Rockport. I can only tell you that there will be a spiral slide that will connect with the underground floor, people are going to freak out.

He is closer to the youtuber El Rubius (born in 1990, who is estimated to generate four million euros a year) than to the cliché of the badass rapper with the life of a gangster : with his colorful image (bleached hair and urban clothes, flirtatious in his style) and an innate ability to communicate, the fruit of his empathy and a head that thinks as fast as the beats of his songs.

He defines himself above all as “a creator”, a contemporary concept to describe a creative person who aspires to do everything (music, video games, series, fashion) and, even more importantly, to profit from it.

«It is what I consider myself since I was 13 years old, when I asked my grandmother to teach me how to sew to create my own designs. I go out of the neighborhood, I have tough friends, but that pose of going ragged all the time is like having her small and having to build muscle . That trap movie in Spain is a hoax, everyone gets up in the morning, shits and makes a coffee with milk. I know who I am, I have the Maserati parked there on the corner, but I'm not going to lock myself in that image: I want to create something else, build new things.

This is a country where everything offends and in which it is better to look good to everyone

Kidd Keo's ambition would seem like a lunatic if he hadn't managed to build such a great icon in such a short time. ” I'm cool with the idea of transcending , when I have three million euros I'll build an immense tower like Stark's,” he says in reference to Marvel's superhero Iron Man's futuristic skyscraper, while accepting kindly a selfie with a spontaneous fan passing by Over there.

Beyond C. Tangana, Kidd Keo is one of the first Spanish trap singers to sign for a multinational (Warner Music) and is the great pulverizer of records on YouTube. In his profile, songs such as Touchdown exceed 100 million reproductions and after his passage in 2017 by Colors he became the most popular artist of the hundreds that have passed through this video platform turned into the radar of modernity, just for behind global megastar Billie Eilish.

He says he is lazy about discussions that lead to nothing, the tension in social networks. “Why don't we focus on the things that would make society better?” It defends individual freedom: letting go and not meddling in the lives of others. If you want to abort, go ahead. If you are a boy and you want to hook up with another boy, go ahead . I am not a woman and I am not gay, so why do I have to tell those who are gay what to do? “

He rotates the laptop's camera and shows his colleagues, who chant him when he says something stupid (few times in this talk of almost an hour, despite his reputation as a wayward) and listen carefully when he develops an idea (all the time, in actually, you are linking one theory to another, like a machine gun). “Many of them are still in the trap life ( trap life ), if that's what they like, what else are they going to do?”, He says, and clarifies that his circle of trust has been with him for at least 10 years.

Authenticity may be the key to the success of this singer who fluently mixes Spanish and English in his lyrics (he lived in Canada for a few years when he was younger) and does not forget who he is and where he comes from. «I did not know my father, now he must be in jail, but thanks to my mother I have come this far, she has had a bad time, she had to raise me alone, but she gave me confidence to fight for the things I wanted to do since I was little ».

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