Kia suspends sales of crossovers Seltos in Russia because of the defect detected

The South Korean company Kia has decided to suspend sales of cross-compact Kia Seltos in the Russian market. It should be noted that previously appeared in the press rumors of the impending suspension due to the identified defect, this data is now found official confirmation.

Kia временно прекращает продажи кроссоверов Seltos в России из-за выявленного дефекта

The Kia has officially confirmed the fact of inconsistencies in the stated specifications are installed in the car locks the steering column in a separate trim models. So from the 11th of June this year, sales of these models has been fully suspended by the company. “The problem has nothing to do with the security of the car itself,” – said representatives of the Korean brand.

It is reported that this issue was identified in the budget and medium configurations. But the expensive versions of Kia Seltos with push-button start power plant such technical defect deprived, so sellers continue to offer these cars to buyers.

It is worth noting that sales of Kia Seltos in the Russian market started in March of this year. In addition, the cars for the Russian consumers is collected at the plant in Kaliningrad and go on sale at a price of 1.13 million rubles.

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