Kia (finally) replaces its logo

Kia (finally) replaces its logo

The logo of a company plays a predominant role in the visual identity of a company. Despite its innocuous appearance, it suggests a lot in a very short period of time, when consumers’ attention span is limited. So that’s why Kia unveiled with great fanfare its brand new logo, which is certainly better suited to its new brand image. The Korean manufacturer, from the great Hyundai family, therefore abandons the oval housing its three separate letters and used since its inglorious beginnings in our market. The letters will henceforth be glued using a bold type font that is much more modern than that used previously. The new logo is meant to represent both a hand-made signature and a “confidence” in its symmetry, in Kia’s eyes.

ILLUSTRATION PROVIDED BY KIA The letters will now be glued. To underscore the point, Kia launched no less than 303 illuminated drones featuring the logo in the sky over the port city of Incheon, South Korea. The event was also embellished with fireworks. > Watch the launch video

This new logo is part of a reform of the manufacturer’s brand strategy which will percolate through its range. Details of these important changes will be presented this week by the automaker’s senior management.

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