Khusnullin: the government will accelerate the completion of unfinished buildings in Russia

Хуснуллин: правительство ускорит процесс завершения долгостроев в России

The Russian government made a proposal for speeding up the procedures for the completion of distressed homes, said on Saturday Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin. “All over the country today, about 200 thousand of officially registered real estate investors. Projects that are under construction in various stages of completion, several thousand. Can please shareholders, I introduced an amendment on how to accelerate this process, to the government. I hope that through these amendments we will be able to reduce the speed of decision making at least two or three months,” – said Khusnullin live on his page in instagram. He added that in Russia there are more than 10 million square metres protracted. The total amount of funds required for their completion, more than 500 billion rubles. “I want to clarify that decisions in one day, month or even year will not be”, – stressed the Vice Premier.

Previously, Khusnullin announced a possible increase in the number of defrauded investors in connection with the suspension of construction projects due to the epidemic of the coronavirus. He explained that now there are three of the forecast, and depending on which of them will come true, will be defined support measures for the completion of houses for the deceived shareholders.

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