Keylor Navas: Present at the World Cup, he could have died at birth

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Keylor Navas: present at the World Cup, he could have died at birth

On the PSG bench, Keylor Navas is the star of the Costa Rica team and will be eagerly awaited for this World Cup.

Not a starter with PSG this season and confined; to a fairly difficult replacement role to play; live when you know his talent, Keylor Navas will be well in the cages of Costa Rica from the first game of his team at home. the World Cup against; Spain. A star in his country, the goalkeeper is highly anticipated and the performance of his national team will largely depend on his performance in front of the goal line. Long questioned by L'Equipe, the goalkeeper is confident in the potential of his team and hopes that the latter will live the same course as in 2014. "We will do everything for it. I trust my teammates. We come to win matches and be strong.

Water in the lungs birth

The fate of Keylor Navas could have been totally different. Touché by health problems from birth, the Costa Rican star could have died. It's a story that few people know. My mum had a very bad experience of my delivery. The doctor told him that he had to pull me out, because he couldn't hear my heart beating anymore. I was already out of this world, somewhere (smiles). My mom said I really had to get out. And they took me out. As I had swallowed amniotic fluid, they warned her that I could have sequelae. Finally, I'm still here.

In my family, there have always been fighters. My dad, my mom, my grandparents… From a very young age, they taught us that in difficulty, we should not cry hoping for a miracle to come from heaven, but work hard, because things come with work. That's what I try to do. At the end of the tunnel, there is always a light. Today I am in the tunnel. But the light will come" explained at length the doorman of the PSG.