Key match against Mexico this Saturday on date 2 of group B of the U-20 World Cup.

Key match against Mexico this Saturday on date 2 of group B of the U-20 World Cup.

The euphoria remains, is alive, sprouts in each player of the Colombian Women's National Team after achieving the epic victory against Germany at the U-20 World Cup on Wednesday. But the road goes on. The real first objective is to overcome the group, and for that, with all the motivation pushing, and with all the football prepared, the challenge will be to beat Mexico this Saturday. After knocking down Germany, this is the match to certify, once and for all, the quota for the next phase.

However, Colombia does not presume victory without playing. If they've already beaten Germany, that was a very strong blow to opinion, very motivating, but since it's a World Cup, you have to be careful to avoid surprises against the Mexicans, who tied 1-1 against in their first game. New Zealand.

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Key match against Mexico this Saturday on date 2 of group B of the U-20 World Cup.

The national coach, Carlos Paniagua, is very focused on that. On Friday he faced the press conference prior to the game with great conviction, and his message was clear, you have to be humble and beat Mexico to qualify.

“At the end of the game I expressed my congratulations, but that that historic game was already behind us, that Mexico was following and it was time to arrive with respect for the rival. It started well but there is still a long way to go. We have to revalidate with Mexico and qualify for the quarterfinals, the goal is to go step by step. We must not lose our humility,” he said.

His press conference was marked by a power outage. In Costa Rica there is an electrical storm, which has modified the planning of the training sessions. In fact, the players were unable to reconnoitre the stadium for today's match due to the rain. Paniagua, in any case, spent his afternoon talking to the press. He wanted his message to be heard. “We have worked on order, balance, when we went to the South American we went from less to more, growing. In this World Cup we started well and we have to sustain ourselves and improve.”

Colombia already made it clear in its first game that it did not come for a walk, much less as a decoration. Colombia arrived with very clear objectives and a high ceiling. Colombia wants to have World Cup resonance, that the yellow shirt illuminates the contest in Costa Rica, that each rival prepares to face these players who put heart and talent into it. Already in the first game, the world watched with emotion what Colombia had done. It's just that it's not every day that they beat Germany in a World Cup.

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Linda Caicedo generates great expectations for what she is capable of doing with the ball, for her tireless display. The goalkeeper Natalia Giraldo showed all her ability, her reaction; she was a savior, she was a figure, as important as if she had scored the goal, the one she scored Mariana Muñoz , another one that stepped hard in the World Cup. Professor Paniagua's idea is that this lucidity is maintained, collectively, that there are no surprises, and for that he does not plan changes.

“There is a list that we designed for the first party that responded. At that moment we add 3 points, to ensure classification we have to beat Mexico. We must give continuity to a list that we believe is the best to face Mexico. If we qualify, we have to try to be first in the group”, said the DT.

Colombia National TeamWomen's national team, ready to face Mexico.

Key match against Mexico this Saturday on date 2 of Group B of the U-20 World Cup.

The time has come to face Mexico, there is joy, there are dreams, but above all there is a humble and warrior team, which will fight to ensure their place in the rooms.

Time and TV

Colombia vs. Mexico
Saturday, August 13
6 p.m. m. (Colombian time)
TV: Directv Sports

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