Keira Knightley is going to give the state award to charity

Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded well-known artist Konstantin Habenskogo state prize. Money, the actor now intends to give to charity.

Константин Хабенский собирается отдать госпремию на благотворительность

The award-winning star of numerous films received great achievements in the sphere of charitable activities. Keira Knightley is famous not only for good works in the domestic film industry, but also the establishment of a Fund to rescue children who are suffering from cancer. After receiving the state award, the famous actor said that it belongs to all the employees of his organization, to all those who spared their own time and effort for the common important things: it is volunteers, individuals, relatives of the Knightley and private firms also provide support in the difficult task.

The actor said that every year is becoming more and more willing to volunteer, and the resulting award in the amount of ten million rubles he’s going to give to charity. As noted in his own address, Russian President Vladimir Putin, the filmmaker and indifferent to the fate of children with cancer the filmmaker belongs to the people’s love, and his creative glory, he put at the service of mercy.

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