“Keepers of Russia” handed over sets of personal protective equipment for polling stations in the Republic of Komi

On the eve of the Federal voting day for amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the coordinators of the public movement “Chmaitelli of Russia” transferred to the district of the Ust-Tsilma region of the Komi Republic sets of personal protective equipment for distribution at the polling station. This was reported by one of the leaders of the movement Alexander Kumkin.

«Хранители России» передали наборы средств индивидуальной защиты для избирательных участков в Республике Коми

“Tomorrow is very important day for our country, we define its future for decades. I am sure that everyone will make their choice and give a voice. However, we are also well aware that despite the fact that the situation with the spread COVID-19 as a whole is improving across the country, the danger still remains. Therefore, we together with the coordinator of our movement Anton Melnikov and with the support of our partner organizations continue to provide all possible assistance to various social projects in the regions of our country”, — said Alexander Kumkin.

Recall that since the beginning of the pandemic, “the Guardians of Russia’s” help, people who find themselves in a difficult situation. So, the coordinators of the movement together with the partner organizations gave personal protection to large families, medical workers in Moscow (Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas, Kapotnya), Moscow region (Sergiev Posad, Odintsovo), the law enforcement units and families of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty, the Novgorod region, in the schools of the Republic of Ingushetia.

“Our community non-governmental security structures for many years, working closely with the leadership of the Republic of Komi, Ust-Tsilma district on a variety of issues. And, of course, we understand that in this difficult period for the country needs all the support,” said Kumkin.

Recall that the voting on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation began on June 25. Early procedure ends June 30, July 1 – first day.

With his hand on 30 June, to the citizens of Russia appealed to the President of the country in which it is particularly stressed that all the proposed changes will take effect only with the approval and support of the people.

“I want to thank all of you who have already made their choice. Tomorrow, 1 July, the main day of voting. Please, dear friends, have your say. The voice of each of you is the most important, the most important”, — said Putin.

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