Kazakh MP was expelled from the party because of Russia

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Kazakh MP was expelled from the party because of Russia

On January 19, the political party of Kazakhstan expelled one of its deputies because of its support of Russia's war against Ukraine, informs Reuters.

It is noted that Azamat Abildaev was expelled from the Kazakh party Ak Zhol. The reason was that in January of this year, the deputy declared in an interview with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty that he supported the Russian “special military operation”. Also in the interview, he called the government of Ukraine “Nazis”.

After that, the Ak Zhol party stated that she discussed Abildaev's comments at the meeting and decided to expel him. The party also asked the Central Electoral Commission to revoke the MP's mandate. In the statement "Ak Zhol" it is said that their party “always respects and supports the independence and territorial integrity of our Republic and other friendly states.”

Formally, “Ak Zhol” is an opposition party in Kazakhstan. However, in key issues, she adheres to the line of the government, which, despite close ties with Moscow, did not support the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine and called for peace.

Also, since, according to the Demoscope sociological center, more and more Kazakhs support Ukraine than Russia, Abildaev’s words could damage the prospects of the Ak Zhol party in the early parliamentary elections to be held soon.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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