Katya Nikitina from Zhinochogo Kvartal put on her uniform

Katya Nikitina from Zhinochogo Kvartal put on her uniform

Katya Nikita from the “Women's Quarter” pulled in her military uniform

< strong>Zirka “Woman's Quarter” and “Leagues of Smіhu” Katya Nikitina amazed with new photos

Svitlina won published on the side in Іnstagram.

Katya Nikitina from the “Women's Quarter” put on a Viysk uniform

Katya Nikitina. Photo: youtube screenshot

Zirka at the same time is actively engaged in the training of Ukrainian soldiers and has spent it in a warehouse, de saving military uniforms and ammunition for defenders. Katya did not get involved, she tried to reconcile the military form. She signed the photo like this:

“Take care of our God ZAKHISNIKIV!”

At the publication, it was known that it doesn’t show like a warrior in a new one, it’s a hard hat, it’s like a vyagla, a vaga is about 1 kg and it’s a bula without a plate on the chest she wrote:

“Honestly, I’ll tell you, pulling all the clothes on myself, already goosebumps! I feel like I’m HUMAN ENERGY, STRENGTH AND SMILIVITY .. I don’t show how the stench is running around in tsoma, this helmet is only a vag in ~ 1 kg! І tse I was without a plate on my breasts … Oh, there are simply no words …. I just can’t think of words to describe you clearly… “

In the comments, one of the shanuvalniks wrote:

“ 😍🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪👍👍👍 thank you for your help, you are the heroine of our time, yak i ZSU))”